Need a solution to very noisy (24/7) dogs barking

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Does anyone have a solution to very noisy (24/7) dogs barking. No one else seems bothered, or possibly do not want to do anything. Even the best ear plugs do not filter the noise out. The dogs must live outside, as any slight movement sets them off.

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I had some neighbours with yapping dogs on their little side balcony (where the dogs were kept almost all the time). I went to them and asked them to take the dogs in or to somehow stop them from barking. It didn't help. Then I felt sorry for the dogs too, as there was hardly any shade and I called the SPCA. They came but the dogs stayed outside, although a little less perhaps. Still barked though. Then I phoned the police, who came and had a chat with the owners. This also didn't make a lot of difference. I tried to live with it but the dogs were on the side of the baby's room and I could hear it constantly through the babyphone. My baby slept through it most of the time, unless it had been quiet and they suddenly set off at a high volume for some reason. In the end it just stopped. Can't quite figure out why. Maybe they got fed up with the dogs themselves and got rid of them, who knows...

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Try a 'silent dog' barking machine - it lets out a pulse that humans can not hear-but by all accounts, up to a range of 20 yds, shoulde effecive enough to stop tem from continually barking.

Look at this website:


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Barking dogs are driving me mad too where I live.

I bought a "barkbuster" on ebay but it was a complete waste of money.

There are so many dogs around that something is barking most of the day and night. The owners seem to like it because it gives them a sense of security.

Sam-17870 1221315176

If the dogs are nearby you should try a water pistol!

Or buy the owners of the dog a collar that emits a shock when the dog barks. it soon stops them and as long as they have 'a' collar on afterwards, they stop barking. i don't know if it's still available as i discovered it a few years ago, although have never had first hand experience with them.


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The electric collars that you're refering to are extremely barbaric and I would never condone some being so cruel to their pet.

I have a dog who can sometimes bark at night when a noise disturbs him and I remember after one particularly extended episode I apologised to my neighbour the following morning. Her response was very refreshing as she looked at me completely bemused and said "he's a dog and that's what dogs do, he's only doing his job."

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Just to add that an acquaintance told me that she risked a big fine because her neighbours had complained to the police about her dogs barking when she was absent. The police called and basically told her to shut the dogs up or have you tried making an official complaint to the police? As to the electric shock collar: I think they're brutal. It's possible to buy a similar collar that delivers a jet of cold air to the back of the neck..

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