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Hi all. Just moved in and looking to start a brand new life here. Qick question though: how dog-friendly is Singapore? I am thinking of adopting a pooch soon. Thanks. - Jenna

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GeorgeExpat 1441797586

In my opinion, Singapore isn't dog-friendly but you'll be fine as long as you put them on leash and pick up after them. 

JennaP-10051382 1441967561

Thank you for the response. I hear that dogs are allowed on board taxis on request, but how about in public transit?

HUW-38391 1442937922

Animals are not allowed in trains and buses due to hygiene and religious reasons. However guide dogs are allowed to accompany visually handicapped communters. 

Benny Lee 1443018223

In terms of pet friendly-ness to animals, Singapore is living in the neanderthal age ;-)

Admin-17548 1443109993

For more information you can go over the Pets and Animals page of the AngloINFO.

Jules-Johan-860176 1463994988

Singapore is less dog-friendly than many other locations in the world but don't let that stop you from getting a dog =)

Admin 1466655894

Hi Jenna, have you found a dog to adopt?

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