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I saw a pet nail trimming device called Pedipaws when I was in the US last year but never bought one. Does anyone know if you can buy then here.

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what is Pedipaws?

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It is kind of hard to explain but i'll do my best. It is a battery operated device that gently files cats or dogs claws. It acts as an automatic emery board I suppose. It is supposed to be safer and easier than trying to clip their claws.

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Maybe ask one of your friends that is going 'home' for the holidays to bring one back??

Better still - import them so we can all buy them. :-)

I am very surprised that there is not a mobile pet service (those ones that have all the washing and grooming facilities in their mobile vans) on the island - well I have not seen one - rather than taking them to the vet all the time.

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I managed to get my hands on one of these Pedipaws via some family in Australia. Well for me it is a waste of time, effort and money. My cats will not let the device anywhere near them due to the noise it makes. I'm back to try to trim their claws manually.

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