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Took some friends who are thinking of getting a dog to the pet farms at Pasir Ris on the weekend. I have to admit that I have never seen anything like it before. Although the dogs look healthy and well looked after I have my doubts about buying a dog from one of these places. Has anyone bought a dog and or cat from one of these animal farms? What was your experience? Please let me know.

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loulou-21040 1240994275

from my own bad experience in the past I would only buy a pet from an approved and recognised breeder.

arivere 1251159446

I had a great experience buy my MS from Pasir Ris Pet Farm. The seller introduce to me the grandma of my dog!
They gave me my 4 months old MS with 8-1 vaccination, micro-chipped and certification. I got her at 500 SGD, it was a way better price than the home breeders I've seen online without any vac, micro-chipped or certification. SKC certified it's pure bred. Now my MS has got a great personality; she's gentle, polite, friendly, accommodating and obedient. I love her to pieces. So my first and best experience were found there. 

Amy-27094 1251187347

And the shop or person selling the animal must agree ( in writing) that the purchase is subject to a vets examination and should have a guarentee against certain diseases within a time frame.

Enough 1265038742

Against all my principles, I recently got a dog from Pet Movers at Pasir Ris. They had a huge choice of puppies and it was really quite heart breaking to see them in their cages. I was looking for a mature dog to keep my other dog company who had lost her long time companion and was feeling quite depressed. Made the mistake to taking the children...

So we saw a pup and they (okay, I did too) fell in love with it. We couldn't take it home until 2 weeks after its second vaccination and so had to wait 3 weeks. We weren't allowed to cuddle her as they are very strict. Something I understand and appreciate as I have bred dogs myself before and am aware of the many things they can pick up from just the casual visitor, however, I did worry about its socialisation as it wasn't meeting many people and sat in the cage with other pups all day long.

After we picked her up and let her loose in our garden it was sad to see she didn't really have her "land legs". She didn't know how to run and hopped along a bit funnily. It was clear she had not had the space to learn to walk and run with any kind of confidence. Sad to see, but after a couple of days, she was off and I have to say, she is a happy and well adjusted pup. We're very happy with her.

Would I recommend these places? Probably not wholeheartedly, no, but did we get a lovely dog from there? Yes, definitely.

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