Pet Friendly Hotel in Sentosa

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My parents will be visiting and they want to stay in Sentosa. Is there a dog-friendly hotel in the area? Since they will be bringing their dog. Thanks.

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Admin-33483 1359045226

You can have a look at Hotels: Sentosa.

dan1717-34471 1359119580

Don't know about Sentosa but pets are allowed in Four Seasons. They have a weight limit though, not sure so you have to call the hotel.

Ellie-38853 1359196158

Stayed at Capella last month and we saw quite a number of dogs. I think they even treat your dogs like princes and princesses!

carree-43300 1359274925

Thank you very much! My only concern is those are really expensive hotels :-) 

carree-43300 1359476188

Funny when my parents found out how pricey these hotels are, they decided not to bring their beloved pooch. Lol!

grandmm 1359536010

Such is life, we need to pay a high premium for o ur dogs.

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