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I tried out the pet salon at the new pet hotel The Wagington to indulge our pooch and she loved it. It's like the Waldorf Astoria of all pet hotels. Seriously if you want to indulge your pet, bring them to this one.

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Ellie-38853 1417097854

Do they have dog boarding?

ola-38047 1417195992

It's a luxury hotel.

Jane-17633 1417278100

Ho w absolutely ridiculous - a 5 star per hotel! I walk passed it recently and saw it had a swimming pool as well! Who in their right mind would send a dog to a pet hotel - would the gog really appreciate the difference!

jennifer-17581 1432483551

I often do a walk around that area and its really bad that they have music blaring out day and night - I feel sorry for the Gurker's based opposite this pet hotel - wonder how they feel!

Admin 1432563731

You would be surprised how these people spend for their pets.

Benny Lee 1432645244

To each his own people!

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