Shrek & Fiona for adoption

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My family and I picked up two puppies from HV on Sunday afternoon. A lady had come along by the news stand with 4 pups to leave behind as she could no longer look after them for whatever reasons. They are 6 weeks old, black, one male, one female.They went to the vets yesterday for a once over and have been given the all clear. So far, they have mixed well with our dogs, cats and kids! If you can offer them a home please e-mail me. Thanks Goldie

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Ludo-17653 1161165314

Dear Goldie, good on you for looking after the little ones. Can't believe this lady would just leave them at Holland Village instead of taking them to the SPCA! Unfortunately as I already have 4 dogs myself I can't help. I will send out an email to everyone in my addressbook though. Fingers crossed!

Dutchie-17684 1161165716

I think you should put this on all the internet sites with a forum in Singapore. The bigger the net the better the chance of finding them a good home... Good luck!

Goldie-17674 1161172551


Should you hear of anyone who would like some pups be sure to give them my address!


Dutchie-17684 1161173969

I'e just told Mr.Ng one of my suppliers who came to deliver. He says he'll ask around if anyone would like a puppy.

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