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Are snake sightings quite common in Singapore especially around residential areas? My husband spotted a 50cm long thin black coloured snake last night in our condo complex. We don't live near alot of bushland so i'm wondering where he came from. I'm terrified of snakes, so will be watching where I walk from now on. Has anyone come across many snakes where you live?

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loyfam 1212064721

That sounds really scary. I am like you and I am TERRIFIED of snakes. I hate gg to the zoo becoz I know it exists there. I can't even stand the site of it on the television.

Which part of Spore do you stay? Are there any drain nearby?

We are gg to move to a landed house soon and I used to tell my hubby that I won't stay in landed properties in case of such thing. My mum suggested that we put a bamboo stick outside the gate,etc... as that's what people do in the Kampung days.

A friend of mine who stayed in the north east area landed house put sulphur round the house. She related to me that there are some houses near her place which is not maintained thus leading to unkept grass. As a result of that, a snake actually slithers into the neighour's house and gave the owner a shock of their life.

Also saw on newspapers probably 1-2 yrs back that a man (taxi driver) saw a snake coming out of his toilet bowl in the middle of the nite and he stayed like 10th floor at HDB! That was really scary. After seeing that news, I tend to look at the toilet bowl before I sit on it.

Good luck to you and I hope you don't sight any.

jockney 1212065012

I have been here 18 months and have yet to see any snakes.

I have heard people have seen them in different areas and the last one was a Cobra in Turf City.

Also heard about a story of snake attacking a dog at Aspen Heights, but not sure if true or not, but this is Tropical, so expect to see one before my time is up here!

Easy does it...but do it

Marion-17640 1212067173

I live off Bukit Timah road, not far from 6th avenue and I regularly see snakes. The little skinny light green "tree snakes", are fairly common, then we see the odd reticulated python (these will be taken away by police or pest control and supposedly brought to the zoo..) and about 6 months ago, we had a spitting cobra in our garden, about as thick as my wrist and more than a meter long. He'd been spitting at our cat who was running rings around it, and I could see the wet marks on the drive. Our pest control people came and caught him and took it away.
Snakes are everywhere, but they'll do their best to get out of your way. Be careful with pets though. If you are in a condo, you can find them near the rubbish area too.


loyfam 1212069126

I've a question. Are there anything we can put round the house to prevent it from coming in?

We have a common drain behind our house. Observation is that it is dry all the time. I am contemplating if we should start to put sulphur now before we move in.

jennifer-17581 1212100942

I lived in Swiss Club Rd for some years and witnessed the cat bring in a baby cobra (the worry was were was mum) almost trod on one on a walk to BT nature reserve but it scuttled away in fright. I also saw a beautiful thin, but very long bright green snake in a large bush. I used to be terrified of them but generally unless cornered they are also terrified and zoom off sideways. However after the baby cobra we did put down a lot of sulfur which is suppose to put the snakes off.

Sarg 1212255375

Do research. If lots of jungle around or a lot cleared likely to many snakes. There are some areas that are better know as by their snake reputation eg Kay Siang rd is also known as snake alley

moneycow 1212268911

Only quite recently, a young girl brought his boyfriend's dog for a stroll near central singapore condominum.

The dog which is her boyfriend's favourite pet was suddenly eaten alive by a python.

By the time, the girl call for help, the poor dog was already killed by the python's strangulation.

A sad but real case that happn near river valley condominium only quite recently.

It was reported in the Singapore's strait times.

Just to share.

Singapore may seem look like a concrete jungle, there are still some wild life lurking around the least expected places. its only when they become news that people are shock that such things do happen.

Do becareful and do not take for granted irregardless of how serene or peaceful a condominuim vicinity can look.

be on alert always to avoid being the next suprise victim.

As said, untill it become news and you happen to be the victim and live to tell, its probably too late.

Take care.

Thanks for sharing :)

Just a caution note do not be too alarm. just stay alert when you are too close to the bushes such as Bishan gargen, Jurong garden, chinese garden. Visiters and frequent uses of those places, witness big snakes moving about. even sometimes in the day time too.


Byzantine-19286 1212320461

Hi Loyfam,

We put sulfer around our patio ever since finding snakes and snake skins there. Now we also leave the radio on when we are not there, to make it sound as though there are people there. This supposedly keeps the snakes from choosing my patio for their home. We also keep a very close eye on our little Maltes dog, just in case there is a hungry cobra around.

Years ago I read in the paper there was a family on the 3rd floor of an apartment building who'd had a snake come up through the toilet. It bit someone's bottom. This is very rare of course but just goes to show, it can happen anywhere. Those people went to bed from then on with a bit weight on the toilet seat, and I bet they never sat down without a good check again first!

SarahB-17937 1217714243

You need to be careful when major trees are cut down near your house or a new house is being built on land that has been vacant for a long time. We live near such an area and having only seen one or two snakes over some years have suddenly seen at least 6 in as many days. Sulphus helps but watch out if you have animals as they could be in danger if they think its fun to investigate.

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