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HiI live in near the Bukit Timah nature reserve area in Singapore and am having problems with snakes coming into my garden. The other day a cobra reared itself up at me. Of course I called animal control who came and killed it, but I don't want to have to do that everytime. We've also seen or been told of pythons in the area. I realize this is a common occurance in Singapore but I have young kids and can't even risk them being alone in the garden for fear of what might happen. I've heard about some sort of sulphur powder which you can use to repel them but am not totally sure what exactly it is or where to get it. Can anyone give me some advice on this problem?Cheers

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Jennifer 1249824683

Start with contacting one of the Pest & Mosquito Control Services , they also deal with snakes.

I used to live in a house and in 10 years only saw about 4 snakes, 2 the cat brought in, one in a tree and one that slithered away very quickly. Generally they are not a problem but it's wise to talk to the people that know about these things!

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