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Hi  It is early days but my husband itala liking to his employer about a possible job insingapore. We have two dogs , Italian spinones about retriever size, and I would like to know if it is possible for dogs this size to be ok in Singapore...I keeread adding horror stories about Muslims not liking dogs ,apartments too small, have to always be on the lead etc.....they are part of our family and I just wondered what the facts are ..     any advice would be very wwelcomregards roseregards rose    

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grandmm 1370598915

Singapore is generally pet-friendly. I don't live in an apartment unfortunately I cannot give you any feedback about that. But I think you just have to choose a building  with pet-friendly clause.

Rubyrosie 1370611715

Thank you.. I will try  to worry a little less 


are there areas that are better for dogs ?

still early days for us but I am gathering information


Adam33 1370696048

Singapore is pet friendly so do not worry. When you are looking for a place to rent just echo to the landlord that you have two dogs about medium size.

There a plenty of nice places to walk them despite Singapore being such a dense city.

Rubyrosie 1370698032

Thank you very for the info...still early days in discussions yet so nothing definite.


kind regards



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