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Are ticks commonly found in Singapore?

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Leone-19185 1219757310

This was a topic of discussion in 2006 and 2007.

You may like to read it here:


But I have two dogs and live near Bukit Batok.....one of my dogs gets a tick every few days, the other dog...never!!!

I think there are a lot around now with the weather we are experiencing. They (the dogs) are bathed every week with tic shampoo and now I have a brush to brush them daily.

Am hoping that will help too. :-)

Fred-17701 1219759182

I lived in a condo in district 10 for 8 years and my dog always had ticks there. Now I live in an old black and white with a huge garden and my dogs never have ticks.

There are lots of them around though. I used to put garlic through the dog's food, it is supposed to put the ticks off but they still came. Crawling up the wall of the condo. All very lovely... They're a pain to get rid of and you must constantly check the dog after walks and clean it up so they don't end up inside your home.

hvirshup 1219831384

We live in Little India near some vacant land and we find ticks on our dog.

Heidi V

ilumato 1219853584

Do cats get ticks as well?

Fred-17701 1220796998

I don't know if cats get ticks, but would expect so yes. Ticks don't seem to be too discerning, I have picked one off my 3 year old son...

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