Toxic plants for cats and dogs

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I just want to alert people who have cats and dogs as pets as to which plants are toxic to them. One of my cats recently chewed on an Azalea plant I'd bought for decoration and vomited for 4 days straight. I thought she was going to die and of course took her to the vets. She managed to get over it but only just. I had no idea so many plants are toxic. Here is a list for those of you who care deeply about your pets and want to stay clear of certain house plants and garden plants like pointsettia (Xmas), lilies, oleander, and many many more...

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Mr. W 1270644364

Thank you so much for this insightful post. I can't wait to tell my wife about this because she keeps on buying plants without knowing its effects on us and on our pets. Do you have a list of other plants?

grandmm 1270647036

It was an eye-opener for me. I have found a list that will surely be helpful to you.

jessicaclone 1270673104

i appreciate the advice. i didn't know that my azaleas are hazardous to my dogs :( it's a good thing though they don't chew on my plants.

Benny Lee 1270732453

I remember taking my dog to a friend's house filled with azaleas a few months ago. That same night my dog kept on vomiting. The vets couldn't find the culprit. Having read your post, this could very well be the reason. Now I have to watch my dog more closely whenever we're at my friend's house. Thanks for posting this.

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