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Does anyone know of a really good vets, for cats? I've looked at the classifieds but would really appreciate an actual recommendation. Thanks D

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Annie-18017 1223817448

I have used the one in Namly called Namely Animal Surgery, however also used Animal Recovery Veterinary Centre in Balestier Road, I think they have several places. The last time I was at namely though, my cat was particularly vicious and they suggested that they might have to sedate her next time or they wouldn't be able to handle her..she hates vets!

loulou-21040 1223886390

I use Mt Pleasant animal hosital on whitley road. Thankfully I've only been a few times for annual checks but I've been very happy with them. They have another outlet on east coast as well.

Lauren-20076 1223894537

Aside from any personal recommendations you may get take a look at the Vets & Veterinary Services category on this site. It may be of some help to you.


Deb-21855 1224099994

Thanks All! I went to the one at Balestier today. It was quite frenetic inside but eventually I saw the vet and he was excellent!


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