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I was at the vets the other day and there was a gorgeous kitten (about 6 months) bandaged up around the hip and leg. It had fallen from 12 storeys. I asked the owner if they would keep the doors and windows shut from now on - the answer was yes maybe. I wonder how many cats and kittens don't survive when they fall from such heights. If we own a cat or dog it is our responsibility to keep them safe. If we cannot do that we shouldn't have them.

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Can anyone recommend a good pet relocation company to send my cat back to Australia.

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Fish & Plant For Garden/Balcony Instant Karma!Various Fish + Plants For SaleMix Sized Fish Including Koi Carp - Great ValueBrilliant Assortment Of Plants & Flowers - Various PricesFantastic Summer DealGet Instant Resort Style Atmosphere With This SetMust Sell Due To MoveCAT ADOPTION:2 cats (BROTHER/SISTER) needing home age 14months, lovely tabby/striped coat & full tailsFOR MORE IMAGES/INFO/VIEWINGCALL JAN +65 9815 6381

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Hi, are there any Siamese Fighting Fish breeders/wholeseller in this forum (Singapore)? Tks, Loso

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Is there a pet cemtary or columbarium here?

started by: Kylie-20161 · last update: 1241268177 · posted: 1241009022

Has anyone or do you know of anyone that is moving back to Australia and is trying to get their animal into Quarantine?  Do you know how long the waiting list is?  Also do you know which vets in Singapore are certified to to do Australian vet check?

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We are looking for our female Labrador Retriever. She's cream/beige colour and small built. She ran away from home (East Coast / Marine Parade) in Nov08. We are not even sure if she's still in the eastern part of Singapore anymore. She's microchipped and licensed. We've reported to SPCA, AVA, Petcall, pasted posters, written to the vets, run around, peep into neighbour's houses hoping for a sight of her, and so on. We are still searching for her. She may have been kept by someone who doesnt want to return, or sold to someone who ignorantly bought her.. Please, please help keep a lookout. Perhaps your neighbour just got a new but matured dog? Or has someone offered to sell you a similar looking dog? Please, if anyone sees a dog that resembles that in the pictures, please call us immediately. 9389 9896 / 9106 2928.. Appreciate any help. $5000 reward for information leading to recovery of our dog, no questions asked.  [IMG]http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt27/hweeling_photo/ginger_lab5.jpg[/IMG]

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My now 11 month old kitten has decided to claw and scratch every piece of furniture he comes across. I clip his claws regularly but this doesn't seem to make any difference. I don't believe in de-clawing as this is torture for cats but I have seen in magazines that you can buy gel caps for cat claws. Has anyone seen them here? if you have i'd appreciate it if you could let me know where. Thanks Loulou

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Are there any puppy training schools around? Can anyone recommend one? Thanks

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Our Labrador disappeared yesterday from Alexandra Park area. Please call 92739010. Reward will be given.

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Please can anyone help, we are currently in Singapore (and have been for the last 5 months) whilst my husband receives medical treatment. Our problem is that we are living in a ground floor serviced apartment where animals are NOT allowed!. We are due to leave Singapore within the next 6 weeks and over the past 2 weeks we have been adopted by a very very friendly small cat/kitten. Would anyone be willing to adopt it?. Please contact me if you think you can help or if you know where I could go to get help.

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Im moving back to the UK and my dog Charlie a Chow will have to stay in Singapore until his Rabies blood test time period is up (6months) he has 2 months to go so im looking for any help and suggestion's of a place where I can house Charlie for this period. I do not want to put him in a kennel or fly him back with me so he is quarantined for the 2 months left as it would break the families heart. Please help! cheers Phil

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I received a Siamese Fighting Fish as a house warming gift. It certainly wasn't asked for, but know that he's here, I should take the best possible care of him. I've done a little reading about it and understand that they are relatively easy to look after. I'm cleaning the small tank everyday as I read that swimming in contaminated water can easily damage their gills. The one problem I have is feeding. I have some flaked fish food, but was told that they can eat various vegetables such as corn. It just doesn't seem right though. Any fish fans out there that can help?

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Two days after purchase of my golden retriever, the pup fell ill, seriously ill, having diarrhoea and vomitting followed by continuous fits. I called the pet shop who sold me the pup on the morning of the third day after sending the pup to a well known vet the night before (second night). They insisted for me to send in an email which I was rather reluctant to. I explained in detailed the matter in the email. Then, Pet shop assured they'd get back to me. How many days should the pet shop reply within? Is thirteen days acceptable for such emergency? Yes, it took them THIRTEEN DAYS, and it was me who contacted them on the thirteenth day. I strongly do not think it is acceptable one bit, but they said something about seeking advices from their senior vets. Erm, still? Just one of the issues regarding this matter. Pet still sitting in my care (uncertain of relapse), as replies from them still not satisfactory. Big pet shop in Pasir Ris.

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We may be leaving Singapore at the end of March for Vietnam, China or Thailand. I want to take my dog but don't know where to get advice on the requirements of the various countries. Is there a company or vet who can help me with this as I think that time will be of the essence.

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Hi, I was hoping to buy a dog over here in Singapore. I used to have a labrador, but I think it would be too big for our house. We have a semi with a decent sized garden, but nothing spectacular. Was thinking of a spaniel. Can anyone help?

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Can anyone recommend a good cattery/kennels for my cat! Thank-you. Isi.

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Has anyone heard of or used the services of the Animal Resort up near Seletar? I have a friend who needs to send her cats to Singapore for long term boarding before they can go onto Australia. Or can anyone recommend a good long term boarding facility for cats? Thanks K

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Does anyone know of any cat groomers in Singapore? My cats fur is very long and slightly out of control and needs trimming.

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Has anyone use PetMobile's "sitting" services? Am looking for a reliable cat sitter for a week over Christmas. Thanks

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