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I have heard that cats are not usually allowed to be kept in HDB apartments. Is this true? If so, why is this the case?

started by: loulou-21040 · last update: 1226407295 · posted: 1226397140

My cat is on antibiotics. In the past no matter what I do every time I give her tablets she manages to spit them out. Does anyone have any super tips on how to give tablets to animals to ensure they don't spit them out. thks

started by: Mala Swaminathan · last update: 1226231428 · posted: 1226231428

Hi, Am looking for a kennel for my Retriever.looking for something that can be kept outdoors and can protect him from rain and the heat.Please do contact me on 97825120 if anyone is looking to sell their kennel. mala

started by: AnnieS-20442 · last update: 1225796597 · posted: 1225796597

does anyone know if any companies offer pet medical insurance?

started by: loulou-21040 · last update: 1224504496 · posted: 1224256163

I introduced a new kitten the household about 3 months ago. We already had a cat and she didn't take to the new addition at all. After 3 months they are getting on ok but every now and then the original cat starts hissing, growling and slapping me and the new cat. There is no attempt to hurt the kitten or me but she just suddenly has a change in personality. I'm wondering if I should take her to see a vet or a animal therapist (weird i know). Do animal therapists exist in Singapore. I'm sure she just need something to calm her down.

started by: Deb-21855 · last update: 1224099994 · posted: 1223810812

Does anyone know of a really good vets, for cats? I've looked at the classifieds but would really appreciate an actual recommendation. Thanks D

started by: clive-20476 · last update: 1221382900 · posted: 1216992326

Does anyone have a solution to very noisy (24/7) dogs barking. No one else seems bothered, or possibly do not want to do anything. Even the best ear plugs do not filter the noise out. The dogs must live outside, as any slight movement sets them off.

started by: loulou-21040 · last update: 1220861877 · posted: 1220521804

Can you buy catnip here in powder form or can you only get catnip toys?

started by: Ali-san · last update: 1220796998 · posted: 1219407838

Are ticks commonly found in Singapore?

started by: leanne_ · last update: 1220664969 · posted: 1220664969

Hi there I'm posting this for a friend. Pls take a look at the link with picture (flyer). We're looking for caring and responsible people to look after these two dogs. Thank you in advance!! p.s.: No money transaction involved. http://www.olxsg.com/2-cavelier-king-charles-mini-poodle-cross-breeds-up-for-adoption-iid-13416284

started by: distlearn · last update: 1219681182 · posted: 1219681182

There is a special educational program on 30 Aug (Sat) 10am on Alaska Dogs at JSSC Toa Payoh Lor 1 and anyone interested can join this 60 min live program about Alaska dogs. For those who like to know more about operating an Alaska dog farm, they are encouraged ask questions to the presenters about their dogs during the program (presenters in Alaska). More details at http://www.connect1000.com/event.cfm

started by: loulou-21040 · last update: 1219397603 · posted: 1219160417

Does anyone have any advice on how to handle naughty kittens. My new kitten is into everything and is on everything and i don't know what to do or say to stop him. Any advice is appreciated

started by: loulou-21040 · last update: 1218133007 · posted: 1218133007

Does anyone know of any companies that build cat enclosures for house back gardens?

started by: Meredith-20335 · last update: 1217714243 · posted: 1212045551

Are snake sightings quite common in Singapore especially around residential areas? My husband spotted a 50cm long thin black coloured snake last night in our condo complex. We don't live near alot of bushland so i'm wondering where he came from. I'm terrified of snakes, so will be watching where I walk from now on. Has anyone come across many snakes where you live?

started by: Doc-17845 · last update: 1217614127 · posted: 1217192662

I know some people in the neighbourhood have imported a pup from Australia. Apparently they don't have to go into quarantine. We could be interested in doing the same, could anyone advise if there is a site or somewhere that lists reputable Aussie dog breeders?

started by: loulou-21040 · last update: 1217583070 · posted: 1217508227

I just caught my 5 month old kitten eating the leaves from a bunch of roses. I know I probably shouldn't have flowers in the house with a kitten but I have guests and wanted the house to have flowers and look nice. Does anyone know if roses are harmful or poisenous to kittens and or cats.

started by: Edward-17583 · last update: 1217195739 · posted: 1217088973

I tried to get a taxi the other night to get to the vet's as my dog had fallen ill. Couldn't get anyone to take us. How does one take animals anywhere if you don't have a car of your own?

started by: andrew-17619 · last update: 1217152413 · posted: 1217058323

I spotted a very black snake which at its thickess was the diameter of my thumb and it was about 2 to 3 ft. Anyone know what type of snake this might be?

started by: Newbie-19143 · last update: 1216726505 · posted: 1216566020

Are there groups of dog people who get together to walk their dogs? I'd like to join, I have a very friendly Cocker Spaniel who'd love to meet some friends too!

started by: Byzantine-19286 · last update: 1216631653 · posted: 1216505154

I'm going away for a couple of weeks and want to leave my dog here. I do not have a full time maid. Any ideas for a good doggie holiday? Thanks

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