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Can anyone recommend a good cattery for our 2 cats? We have a gap of week between vacating our current apartment and moving into our new one. A recommendation would be very helpful. Thanks

started by: Mavis-21047 · last update: 1215990894 · posted: 1215797665

I am about to buy a puppy and a kitten and I am not sure whether I should get them neutered/spayed straight away. I have read conflicting reports from different vets as to which is the best way to go. I will be buying a male puppy and female kitten. I definitely do not want them to have puppies and kittens in the future. On the one hand they say your should let them go until 12 months and others are saying 6 months at the latest. I really want to do what is best for them. Any help would be great.

started by: DeeP-19397 · last update: 1215872551 · posted: 1210428942

I heard you are not allowed to keep larger dogs, like a lab, in apartments, is that true?

started by: vangeer-21064 · last update: 1215786647 · posted: 1214764069

Found a baby-bird in my garden yesterday, but I don't know how to get it to open it's bill ? I just can't let it die from hunger. Thanks for all advice provided.

started by: loulou-21040 · last update: 1215472309 · posted: 1214647209

Has anyone had any experience with Changi Quarantine. I have a cat arriving from Australia next week but the flight doesn't arrive until 10pm and quarantine shuts at 10.30pm. Do you know if they are flexible and will stay open later. Surely if they know an animal is on a certain flight they will stay open. I don't want my cat to have to stay at the airport overnight. I would like him cleared and delivered to my home the night he arrives no matter how late it is.

started by: Missy-19799 · last update: 1215099522 · posted: 1212647915

I was in a pet shop the other day and I was quite distressed to see a very sick Husky puppy. He was sitting down, I do not think he could have stood up. His tongue was hanging out of his mouth he had open sores on both his front paws, and quite frankly looked like he could have passed out at any minute. Are there any laws making these pet shops responsible for the animals in their care? No one would buy this poor Husky, although I was tempted just so I could take it to the vet!!

started by: BlueTooge · last update: 1214694194 · posted: 1214090888

Does anyone know a vet who makes house calls? My dog is so scared of the vet's he doesn't even want to get out of the car in the vet's neighbourhood!

started by: Cokie-20948 · last update: 1214313491 · posted: 1214212366

We have a 3 year old cat - who is spoilt rotten and is the centre of attention. We are going to introduce a new kitten this week. Does anyone have any advice as to how we should introduce them? Are we best to keep them apart for a while until the kitten gets used to its surroundings or introduce them from day one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

started by: Dutchie-17684 · last update: 1214250320 · posted: 1214138585

The fish in my pond went belly up witin a couple of weeks of each other. I need to replace them but the shop where I bought them is gone. Can anyone direct me to a shop where I can buy some fish that isn't in Pasir Ris or somewhere else way out?

started by: AnnieS-20442 · last update: 1213177409 · posted: 1213036046

Hi, Just wanted to get some thoughts and opinions on what the Quarantine station is like in Singapore?

started by: canlah · last update: 1213093855 · posted: 1212965888

If a pet shop isn't the best place to get a dog, where should one go, apart from the SPCA? I am thinking of getting a puppy for the children this summer. They'll be off school for a long time and we are not going away. it would be a good time for all to get used to each other.

started by: Molly-20391 · last update: 1213082425 · posted: 1212571550

Just wanting to know if there are any cat breeders in Singapore? If so, where can I find some information about them.

started by: poochie-20407 · last update: 1211630311 · posted: 1210462438

Hi, we will be moving in the near future, from an appartment to a house about 5 kms away. Is it true that a cat will escape and try run to the old home? Do you have any advice about this? Butter on their paws is what I heard (when I was about 10yrs old!) help!Also, he has never been vaccinated, so will need to be as he will have loads of freedom....does anyone know if he will need two shots (first & booster) like kittens, or only one. He is three.Thanks!!!

started by: Kylie-20161 · last update: 1211476851 · posted: 1211302600

Why is it that you never see cats for sale in a pet shop? I only ever see dogs, rabbits and hamsters for sale.

started by: Sharyn-20197 · last update: 1210853651 · posted: 1210687091

Has anyone adopted a cat or dog from the spca? I'm looking to get a cat and was thinking of adopting one from the spca but just wanted to hear from anyone who may of already done it and could tell me about the adoption process. Thanks in advance

started by: Rocky-20379 · last update: 1210190976 · posted: 1210173723

My friend's dog who after swimming and drinking in the Kallang Basin, comes home for the rest of the day and is very quiet and vomits. Has anyone else come across this? Any help would be great - as the dog loves to swim. Maybe just the heat is getting to him - but it seems only after swimming that it happens. Rocky

started by: Daisy08 · last update: 1210083439 · posted: 1208862946

I have just returned from a weeks holiday to find my 3 year old cat has a bald spot under her chin and it looks as though she has broken the skin as well. It doesn't seem to bother her so I'm not rushing to the vet just yet but just wanted to see if anyone else has had this happen with your own cat? I know it is not fleas and the only changes I've made lately is changing brands of cat litter. I wonder if it is an allergy?

started by: ali.kremmer · last update: 1209297480 · posted: 1209076331

Anyone know of a bulldog breeder here in Singapore?

started by: Ali-san · last update: 1209159360 · posted: 1209125939

I'm looking for someone/somewhere to take care of my dog while i'm away. can anyone recommend a good pet sitting service or pet hotel.

started by: rintin · last update: 1208725294 · posted: 1206695779

I have a 3yrs old dog,and for the last week he has done nothing but scratch,day/night,I have tried "frontline"and a few other products but to no avail,ther is no signs of broken skin or spots etc..any ideas what it would be?

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