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I would like to set up a large fish tank in my home. I was thinking about a tropical fish tank. Any ideas where I can go to organise this, or if there are businesses that will come and set it up for me and also maintain it. Delta

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Can anyone recommend a good carrier to bring over a rather precious kitten? Thanks

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My dog was diagnosed with a tumor in his lower jaw. The vet said it is probably benign but after excision will send the bit to the lab to have it tested. Depending on how fast growing this is, he said it has been the practise to remove the lower jaw. I can't imagine doing this to him. How does a dog live without a lower jaw? Or will they re-build it? I'm thinking it might be more humane to see how he fares and if it turns out to be a fast growing tumor, it might be better to let him go to 'sleep'? Anyone out there who has experience with this sort of thing? Please let me know..

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We are thinking of getting a dog, but are not sure what breed is the right one. We live in an apartment, but the dog would get regular exercise.We used to have a English springer spaniel (died 2 years ago, 14 years old) looking for a mid size dogAny advice is appreciated

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4 years old, Male, Brown and Black, Cross Terrier ran out of home at Toh Guan Road (Jurong East, near IMM) on 10th March, Monday morning around 11am. Dog requires strict diet, barks with high pitch, runs with hind leg jumping. Family is very worried. Flyers have been pasted around the vicinity. If spotted or found, please call 9683 0152 or 9769 7882. Http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/viewContent.jsp?id=15930

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I went and registered my dog the other day, and paid the $17.00 in fees. I got the licence and everything but did not get a tag or badge for the collar. Do they not hand those out anymore?

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Is there any devise or system, other than a litter tray box, that stops my cat spreading all the little grit all over the place. It's a constant battle sweeping up the grit that she scatters after she has used the litter tray.

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Does anyone know if there is a law for using microchips on domestic dogs. I heard something about this last year but not heard much since?

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I have a cocker spaniel and would like to have him groomed. His coat is too long and he is a bit hot I think. I'm in the Bukit Timah area, can anyone recommend a good groomer?

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Hello all, I saw a while ago a lady offering to come for 10/14 days to house/apt/dog sit in Singapore, is there any call for this service ? my daughter in law is living there & could possibly see & meet the people concerned, anyone interested ? Thank you

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The vet told me my dog is allergic to grass. He is always itchy and scratches himself till he bleeds. Apart from cortisone shots, which in the long run will be very bad for him, and anti-histamine pill, which don't really seem to be doing a whole lot for him, what else can I try to help him?

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My maid just got bitten by a friends dog. It was all rather weird as the dog is normally friendly and never been a problem in all the years that we have known it. We have cleaned up the wound, should we do anything else?

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My two golden retrievers have been steadily putting on weight for a little while so the vet suggested that I should change to a light dog food to help them lose a few kilos. I bought a bag of Science Plan light for them and changed them over about ten days ago. Trouble is they don't seem themselves anymore, very lethargic and obviously hungry. They've taken to hanging around when I'm preparing food which they never did before. Today I cracked and bought a couple of tins but I do need to help them lose some weight. Has anyone any suggestions or ideas... They do get regular exercise.

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With reference to a question sent to AngloINFO's suggestion box about the keeping of ferrets as pets in Singapore, a check with the Agri Food & Veterinary Authority revealed that it is not permitted to import and keep these animals as pets. Exceptions can be made for the Singapore Zoo and other Institutions.

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I need to go to the Vet with my Rabbit. She has really dry skin and she doesn't like when I touch her.

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I want t get a puppy. I'd like to get one from a reputable breeder, not a pet shop. What is the best way to go about this? Caroline

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Is it difficult to bring pets into singapore and do they have to go into quarantine?

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Back home it is possible to insure your dog, in case it causes an accident and I as an owner am liable. Does anyone know if any of the insurance companies here offer such cover? Freddy

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We have a lovely 5 year old Golden Labrador. He is quiet and well behaved, very friendly and affectionate. He is great with kids, house trained and the most handsome dog you ever saw. We would rather not put him in kennels when we go home for Christmas. Would anyone like to look after him for us? Not sure of the exact dates but somewhere between 15th Dec - 5th Jan.

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I have a BSH female kitten for sale, she is a very attractive cat (grey and white tabby) and is only 11-12 weeks old. Her vacs are up to date and she is good to go. Unfortunately we have to sell her as we have two kittens and they don't get on. She has a wonderful temperament and is very playful.Please contact me if you are interested.90255345

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