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Just heard on the news that all dogs are to be compulsorily micro-chipped before being licensed. I think its about time that steps like that were taken to guard against irresponsible ownership of pets here.

started by: doglover-17839 · last update: 1188802029 · posted: 1188691754

I'm looking to have my dog spayed. She is 5 and has had one litter in her life. I'm a little afraid though as I had a female dog before and after she was spayed, she was dripping a little urine every now and then. Not nice when you have carpets around. Why did that happen and is this a common thing after spaying?

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I am due to travel to Cameroon in Africa where i will be working as a teacher with the American Peace Corps. I have a 12 wks old bulldog puppy that i will love to give out to any individual/family that is willing to take her in and love her. I will be grateful for any quick respond from interested persons. I await your respond. Attached are some of her photos with my daughter taken just of recently am due to Hurry for i am due to leave soon

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are there any groups that get together with their dogs?

started by: Joanna-17702 · last update: 1185344473 · posted: 1185296868

Never knew that dogs would catch snakes! My 18 month old Golden Retriever caught a spitting cobra the other day. I came into the front garden, alerted by the incredible din the other dog was making, to see him holding it firmly just behind the head. Gave us a real fright! His coat had venom on it but luckily none got into his eyes and he wasn't bitten! When I called him in, he flung the snake into the air and came to me. I locked him into our kitchen and called the pest control to come and get the snake. Alas (or should I be glad?!) the snake died just after the pest control people put him in a bag. So watch your dogs, I think this one was clever/lucky but next time could be different. These snakes are no laughing matter.

started by: petsfarm · last update: 1185299589 · posted: 1180661048

our litter of bulls are healthy and ready for good homes, they are well trained and love to play with kids and other pets, email us if interested for details and pictures.

started by: annelleg · last update: 1185031854 · posted: 1183921617

Does anyone know where we can take our Labrador for a run off his lead, we live Tangjong Rhu Road area, near to East Coast Park

started by: Carla-17636 · last update: 1184426958 · posted: 1184253269

Does anyone know of a service apartment that allows pets? Thanks

started by: whittaker-18594 · last update: 1184324805 · posted: 1184269890

Hi I'm just wondering if there is anywhere I can get a cat. not a pure bred one, but like a stray. Is there an RSPCA here?

started by: Raffles-18087 · last update: 1182929694 · posted: 1176470926

My daughter wants a pet rabbit. Where can I buy one and all the bits that go with it such as a hutch, run, food. What sort of breeds are there here in Singapore?

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I've just moved over here from the UK for 6 months, and am suffering horse withdrawal symptoms! I've competed in eventing/dressage to Intermediate/Medium levels in the UK, cantered racehorses, exercised polo ponies, taught pony club camp for 3 years to all ages - and I would love to either learn to play polo, or help with exercise/training of horses. Please do email/post a reply if you have any suggestions, or I could help you/you could help me. Thanks. J.

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I have a new dog and need to find a good vet. I'm in the Bukit Timah area, can anybody recommend a vet? One of my friends wants a siamese cat or cats, so if you know of anyone who has any for adoption please answer this post. Thanks! Jay

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Hello, Can anyone recommend a pet sitter that has cared for their animals? I have an ageing pug who needs a little extra attention. I tend to take short vacations (less than a week). Thank you. "Where would I be without words?"

started by: Prema Latimer · last update: 1180367873 · posted: 1180364429

4 year old, friendly, handsome and smart male golden retriever looking for a a good home and a loving family. Very sweet and gentle boy and good with children.

started by: kingzleyking · last update: 1180222917 · posted: 1180095424

Hi all, There will be a fund-raising cum adoption drive for the animals in Mutts and Mittens http://www.muttsnmittens.com/, an animal shelter on 10 June 2007 (sunday) The aim is to: 1. Get the homeless dogs a home; 2. Raise fund to sterlise animals in the shelter. How can you help? 1. Donate human and doggy stuff to sell at the drive. (Drop a note if you have things to donate. we can arrange for pick ups. Altenratively, you can bring down to Mutts and Mittens.) 2. Come down for the adoption drive to buy things and donate money. See poster for more details http://farm1.static.flickr.com/224/512999401_6ea33777da.jpg Thanks and hope that you all support this event!

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Does anyone know about local snakes and which are really dangerous? Saw a long thin green one in a bush the other day whilst out on a walk. Do many people get bitten here by anything really poisonous?

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I live in Shelford Road, just off Dunearn. Until last night I had a local Heinz 57 dog. She got ill last night and by about 11 I called the vet at Mount Pleasant Animal Hospitals 24 hr clinic. I explained the symptoms and because she didn't seem desperately unwell we agreed I'd monitor her, call if there was a deterioration and see the vet in the morning. The dog slept in my room and by 2am she was whining softly and couldn't get up anymore. I carried her to the car but by the time I got to the vet, she was dead! He looked for snakebites and such but couldn't find anything. He suspected a poison, but I declined to do an autopsy and blood test. I knew darn well she was just fine, that dog never had anything in all the 12 years I had her and was still fit and playful. Then today I heard from a lady in our road that her dog had also died like that. So beware everyone, I think there is someone out there laying poison bait for dogs! Keep a close eye on your dog when you take it for a walk.

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I would like to keep tropical fish, where can I buy the tank and the equipment and the fish?

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What do most condos recommend or do they have specific rules?The lift at our condo opens into our apartment and I feel that all animals should be transported in the service lift, which is found outside the back-door in the common area and not the lift that we all use to access our apartments. Only last week some animal left its urine in the lift and although cleaned up within an hour or so left an unpleasant odour. All deliveries also use the service lift and not the main front lift.

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Is there someone we can call to take away a stray dog who is proving to be a nuisance in are area?

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