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Female Golden Retriever free to good home with garden. Very sweet and placid natured girl. Australian import with papers and all vaccinations. Have to find a new home for her due to my foot surgeries.

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Petshop@Joo Chiat closing tomorrow. 2 Huskies, 1 Black labrador, 1 Shitzu and 1 Husky terrier cross available for adoption or they will be put down. Please call Mariam at 97302064. Please help!

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What is he required amount of time for a dog to be in quarantine if coming from the UK?

started by: Charlotte-17579 · last update: 1175201708 · posted: 1157825167

I've heard ticks can be a bit of a problem in Singapore. We have just arrived from UK and someone said I have to inspect my dog regularly for this problem. What do I look for and how do I deal with it. Many thanks Regards,Charlottexxx

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I was at Turf City with the dog the other day and spotted two huge Hornbills! Looked them up in my bird book at home and it said they were Rhinoceros Hornbills. Also said they had been extinct in Singapore since 1890! Hoorah for the birds making it back!!Jay

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I'm hoping to find a good home for my registered and healthy sibie.She's 5 months old and gets along with kids.Make an offer.

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HELP!!! I have a 5 month old Bichon Maltese, since the day we got her she has had access to the whole apartment and was good about going to the loo on her toilet mat but now she goes anywhere she likes, she has a few fav places around the flat and is ignoring the mat. I try to reward her when she goes in the right places and guide her when its wrong but she just ignores me because she knows I'm a big softy when I say "no" she barks back. Please help any info would be great!Tiggy

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I had a special pen made for my dog when she was about to have puppies, according to a design in a dog book. It worked beautifully for her but I won't be needing it again. So if you are planning on breeding you dog, and need birthing pen, this one is available!

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... used to work at the Animal Recovery Clinic. Anyone know where she is now??

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I suspect people will think this is a bit daft and a bit odd: I have a really poorly pooch and I recently saw something about reiki for animals. I don't know what else to do to relieve her suffering and this sounded really interesting. Anybody know anyone who could help me?

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I heard that they are shipping the Polar Bear that was born in the Zoo here some 16 years ago to a more temperate climate. Is that true? I sure hope so, have always felt so sorry for him being in the tropics! Hope they'll send him to Scandinavia!

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2Ds' Pet shop will move from 613 Bukit Timah Road to 733 Bukit Timah Road, #02-21 2nd Ave Junction, Singapore 269748. (From 10 December 06) See under Pet Shops & Groomers for full details This is just further up Bukit Timah Rd, the block before the Mobil petrol station. (Where the photo developer is too)Jo

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FYI, The Singapore Kennel Club has a  "Pet Assisted Therapy program - Dogs for Love" or PAT for short.  PAT refers to a pet owner taking his/her pet to visit people/children in some sort of institutional setting with the objective of assisting in healing either physically or mentally, it simply means the sharing of the unconditional acceptance and empathy of our dogs. If you have the odd Sunday afternoon free and would like to join, contact the SKC at http://www.skc.org.sg/Services.htm , skclub@pacific.net.sg or 6469 4821 Ludo

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I currently have some african grey babies for sale.Fully weaned and healthy.Born of a captive bred pair,100% handraised.Will give them up for $650 each or $1200 a pair.Make your offers

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Two beautiful Chocolate Labradors very gentle and great with kids. Imported from top Australian breeder with all papers and vaccinations. Free to loving home with garden that can take both sisters together. Alaine 97373427 Please phone number above and do not email as I (poster of this message) am not the one with the dogs. Just conveying a message. Ludo

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My puppy won't stop biting things it shouldn't. Is there some anitbiting stuff on the market like they have for human nailbiters? I've spent a fortune on biting toys but I still have damaged furniture and shoes etc.etc.etc. Yoka

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I walk my dogs around the race course or the cemetery every day and they get very dirty. Especially when it has been raining as they love to jump in the muddy drains. So I always rinse them off when I get back but they do get shampooed about twice a week (sometimes more). A friend has just told me that this is not good for them... Is that true? Caroline

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I'm thinking of having my female dog spayed, but am afraid of a repeat of a previous experience where the dog went slightly incontinent after I had her spayed. A real problem when you have carpets! Is this a common occurrence? Marion

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Little Cocker Spaniel looking for a loving home, preferably with a garden. Phone 9855 8501Juliette

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Does anyone know of a place other than commercial kennels where they'll take dogs whilst owners are on overseas trips?

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