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My family and I picked up two puppies from HV on Sunday afternoon. A lady had come along by the news stand with 4 pups to leave behind as she could no longer look after them for whatever reasons. They are 6 weeks old, black, one male, one female.They went to the vets yesterday for a once over and have been given the all clear. So far, they have mixed well with our dogs, cats and kids! If you can offer them a home please e-mail me. Thanks Goldie

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My 7 month old dog has come down with bleeding gums. Vet said it could be something she ate or chewed, like plants or whatever in the garden. She is al little quieter than usual but still quite happy, although eating is obviously no fun. she usually hoovers her food down but now eats quite gingerly. Anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? Jojo

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I have a pup of almost 8 months old and it is time for some serious training. Where can I go and train with him so we both learn some good habits? Don't really want to hand it to someone else entirely. Ludo

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I usually buy the big bags of dog food but can't carry them myself. Are there any pet shops that will deliver? And do they charge for that or is it free? Caren

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I have a nearly 6 month old lab and noticed his testicles aren't in the right place. Instead of in the scrotum they seem stuck higher up in his lower tummy area. Is this normal? Should I take him to the vet? Caren

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Can anyone tell me if there are certain regulation for talking dogs on any of the beach areas in Singapore.

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We moved to an apartment and took our cat with us...she started ripping things to shreds so we tried to cut her claws, but found we needed emmergency treatment for all the bites and scratches...next we took her to the vet who couldn't cut her talons...in the end a friend suggested declawing her...we did, a great success...however now I find out that it is an illegal practise in UK and many people are very against it. To be honest it was either the cat went or her claws. Any more comments on this

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Can anyone provide a loving home for a 4 year old male Golden Retriever? His current owner will be leaving Singapore in October and is unable to take him along. He is used to apartment living gets on with everybody, and loves children. Contact Michael on 9727 4948  Jo

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