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We have recently adopted a dog. I would appreciate if you can refer your pet groomer and vet to us. Also, where can I buy really cute dog accessories? Thanks.

started by: tasha-69661 · last update: 1424884084 · posted: 1424446435

is there anyone you can recommend for dog boarding? Thank you.

started by: Llamb-37321 · last update: 1423672167 · posted: 1423147011

Should I be alarmed that my son's dog is shedding its hair?

started by: azer-44231 · last update: 1417180781 · posted: 1416918984

My cat doesn't like the cone to cover her wound and to prevent her from licking it. Do you have any suggestions?

started by: meganstar · last update: 1414664212 · posted: 1414591268

Has any one tried traditional chinese medicine in Singapore ( http://yixintcm.com/about-us/ ) for their pets? What is the result...I want to try for my pets since I have read that it's quite safety. What do you think guys? http://yixintcm.com/about-us/

started by: Adamm-872082 · last update: 1409402246 · posted: 1409401177

Does anyone know where I can book a pet taxi for my medium sized dog?

started by: Zzzzzz-48902 · last update: 1408699554 · posted: 1407937571

Does Singapore allow dual citizenship?

started by: Adamm-872082 · last update: 1407942906 · posted: 1400431243

Hi, does anyone know what the procedure/ practice of getting dogs neautured is? How easy is it to find a place to do it?

started by: ginnyp · last update: 1405005974 · posted: 1404035793

I have a beautiful black lab and I will be relocating to Singapore in November and obviously want to bring him - are there any pitfalls, advice from anyone etc  I am a bit concerned about the heat and how that may affect him too.

started by: unicorn-58030 · last update: 1402334865 · posted: 1402044794

Is there a place where we could put our dog for adoption? My partner was diagnosed with Rhinitis and we can't have a dog in our house. Thank you.

started by: grandmm · last update: 1399620766 · posted: 1399381581

We are going out of the country next month and my regular pet sitter is not available next month. Can you please recommend someone?

started by: justme-953819 · last update: 1399034583 · posted: 1399034583

Does anyone know where I can buy vegan dog treats here in SG?

started by: jane1977 · last update: 1399027288 · posted: 1399027288

Hi all. We're looking for a Yorkie puppy to adopt. Preferably those that needs to be rehomed or have been rescued.

started by: angrybird-66602 · last update: 1386773983 · posted: 1386606189

I moved to Jurong West and I am looking for a dog boardin in the area. We're looking for a place with a separate living area and individual walking area. Thanks.

started by: Adam33 · last update: 1380556505 · posted: 1380378267

Anyone know a good pet taxi service in Singapore? I need to ferry my cats to the vet but struggle putting them in the car each time!

started by: leonardczj · last update: 1380110518 · posted: 1379598452

Hello! How often do you interact with other people's pets? Do you usually hold a gathering too?    Anyway, check out this new pet social network: http://www.aiiooo.com/petsocialnetwork/   Lotsa of photos and videos to watch :)

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New Animal Communication and Energy Healing Level 1 Workshop open for Registration now. This is more than a course that teaches you how to talk to animal. It is a self discovery journey for you to learn and awaken your psychic gift. Everyone is borne with different gift that enables us to perceive information, only when you know your own gift than you can successful know how to communicate with animals and even your own higher self. Join our new workshop to find out now how to use Energy to promote health, wellness and living for you and your pets. Value added course 2 in 1 (Animal Communication plus Energy Healing) www.amylimhealing.com

started by: Verna-53243 · last update: 1376994886 · posted: 1376994886

We have recently adopted a dog and it is in need of grooming. Can you recommend a dog groomer who does house calls? Thanks.

started by: Ellie-38853 · last update: 1375464274 · posted: 1375439813

My daughter wants a pair of love birds, can you recommend the best place to buy it?

started by: grandmm · last update: 1374160051 · posted: 1313426876

Our cat has started peeing everywhere except her litter box. We have adapted her about six months ago and taught her to pee on her litter box. We have tried to recreate a calm environment for her, she keeps on going back to the bookshelf, couch, kitchen. What could be the reason for this behaviour? How do we get our cat to stop and how do I remove the smell of urine?

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