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Hello, I'm sorry for double posting, I see there is one similar a few days ago.  It looks like we may be moving to Singapore, but I need to know a little about relocating pets there before I make a firm decision. I have a three year old Golden Retriever. Are there any pet owners that can give some advice... Is it easy to rent an apartment that would allow dogs? Are there many expat pet owners that meet to socialise dogs? Are services like vets, groomers, dog sitters easily available? Do people generally have a good attitude towards dogs? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Whether or not we should bring our baby would help me decide whether I want to move or not.  Thanks so much!  

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Found a good article in Yahoo today: Dr Chong said very old and very young animals as well as breeds with shorter snouts are more susceptible to haze-related diseases. On its Facebook page, Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre says that pets with heart, lung, kidney, liver, eye problems are at a greater risk of developing haze-related problems. Dr Chong advises that if the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading goes above 100, owners should only take their dogs out for quick toilet walks and avoid taking them out for walks entirely if the reading goes above 200. Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre says owners should try to turn on the air conditioner or fan where possible, change water bowls frequently and use artificial tears to aid flushing of possible eye irritants.Meanwhile, Yeo, a consultant from ASD, suggests a simple home-made concoction for a daily-wipe down. He advises adding two to three drops of high grade lavender oil and eucalyptus oil to a basin of water, soaking a cloth in it and using the cloth to wipe the dogs. He said owners can also use baby wipes to clean their dogs of dust particles. However, he reminds owners not to bathe their dogs too often even though many might think that it is good for their dogs. That’s because their skin will get dry from showering excessively which might result in a dry rash. For dogs that are more susceptible to falling sick, he suggests giving them antioxidants such as vitamin C to boost their immunity.While some animal lovers might want to protect their pets with makeshift masks such as these, Dr Chong warns that it is in fact dangerous for the pets as such masks obscure their mouths, not allowing them to dispel heat, which might lead to a heatstroke.

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Is it legal to have a pet turtle in Singapore? Or does it qualify as an exotic animal?

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Our dog's hair is shedding about a hundred per day, rough estimate, should I be worried?

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I'm going away for 4 weeks and would like to get a hold of a reliable pet sitter to look after my 2 cats. Any ideas or good experiences?

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Hi  It is early days but my husband itala liking to his employer about a possible job insingapore. We have two dogs , Italian spinones about retriever size, and I would like to know if it is possible for dogs this size to be ok in Singapore...I keeread adding horror stories about Muslims not liking dogs ,apartments too small, have to always be on the lead etc.....they are part of our family and I just wondered what the facts are ..     any advice would be very wwelcomregards roseregards rose    

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Are there pet taxis available here that we could call for emergency? We had scary incident last night and no taxi cabs would bring us to the vet. I felt that if it happens again, we ought to be prepared. Tha you.

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hi everyone, We have 6 cats. two boys and four girls. Since shifting to Singapore eight months back, one of my tomcat (3yrs old) has been harassing one of my cats (6 yrs old). He does not let her move around the house. She is so intimidated by him that when he comes too close to her, she ends up urinating and at times defecating wherever the ambush happens. I have tried talking to him. But to no avail. CAn someone pls tell how can we stop him from bossing her? 

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Where can I find a dog trainer? Would appreciate your personal recommendation. Thank you.

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Not sure what is happening to my dog. He is toilet trained but since yesterday he has been peeing everywhere. What could be wrong with him? i did leave him in a dog boarding last weekend because i was out of town. this is the first time it happened after a weekend that i was away from him. This stresses me out. Any thoughts?

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I am looking for an effective dog trainer but not so expensive (if that person stll exists), any of your recommendations would help. Thanks.

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http://singapore.angloinfo.com/classifieds/viewfeatured/228877/experienced-house-and-pet-sitters-free-of-charge - is this for real?

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Is there any chance that there is a dog socialization group in the Serangoon area? Thanks.

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Is there a pet grooming services that does home service? Any receommendations?

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Has anybody tried feeding their dogs with probiotics to address skin problems? What brand do you recommend?

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My current dog walker is unavailable at the moment. I would appreciate your recommendation. Preferrably someone who lives in the East Coast area. Thank you.

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Hi, there is a pet shop just down the road from me but the options for food, treats, comfort supplies is quite poor. Could anyone recommend a good (chain perhaps) of pet shops where I could get hamster stuff in particular?

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Went to this unusual animal farm. First off I am not a fan of frogs but it's a school thing for my daughter. If you are into frogs this is a good place to go and if you want to keep your kids busy, they have plenty of activities for children.

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A friend of mine introduced me to the Ericsson Pet Farm where I got myself a Silky Terrier. I highly recommend it if you are looking for animals like dogs, kittens. The animals a well taken cared of. you can call to inquire 6581 3333.  

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My parents will be visiting and they want to stay in Sentosa. Is there a dog-friendly hotel in the area? Since they will be bringing their dog. Thanks.

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