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My son was playing with his hamster when it suddenly fall off our balcony. Her body seemed crooked but she is now eating and drinking. Good thing that she is still alive.

started by: francedamon · last update: 1358240946 · posted: 1358113907

Hello Pet Owners! Help! I am going to be passing through the airport for 4 hours with a little service dog on the way to Phnom Penh (from the US) and I want to make sure that I have EVERYTHING done right. I know that I need a Transhipment license and a rabies vaccine ceritificate and chip but do I really need a Rabies Titer Test? Help! Anything else that I should know??? Do they have more lenient regulations for Service Dogs??? Thanks SOOOOO nuch, Beth

started by: tigger-42009 · last update: 1357738262 · posted: 1357724145

We have gotten a Golden Retriever from adoption. But sadly I couldn't find a big pillow where he can sleep on. Does anybody know where I could buy it? Thanks.

started by: Yang124 · last update: 1357657410 · posted: 1357567010

Hi, anyone know where I could find a place to board my dog when I go on holiday? Thanks!

started by: redwine-34212 · last update: 1355484710 · posted: 1355318707

Pet owners can now publish obituaries in The Strait Times. Wow! But is not free at $50 per run...Hmmm isn't it expensive?

started by: Benny Lee · last update: 1355054788 · posted: 1354615515

I'm looking for a dog trailer that I can attach to my bike. Been looking for it everywhere but I couldn't find anything. Any lead would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hey the Great Panda Forest opened yesterday. I guess it should be a must-see considering the amount of Singapore dollars being invested on it on a day to day basis.

started by: SingaporeBoss · last update: 1353313039 · posted: 1353157137

Hi, does anyone know what the proceedure is for adopting a dog in Singapore? I was hoping to get a medium sized dog. I live in a condo with good walking facilities near by.

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Where can I adopt a cat?

started by: calexander · last update: 1349783312 · posted: 1349775197

I wonder if anybody can advise me of a Minature Dashund breeder based in Singapore. I have been searching for proper 'above board' breeder but to no avail. I have been warned about the numerous puppy farms and have heard horrific tales of ill, sickly puppies for sale from various sellers. I am acutely aware of this and this is why I hope someone can help me with my search. thank you. 

started by: unicorn-58030 · last update: 1348572358 · posted: 1347877553

My dog has been sick for sometime now and his vet suggests that he is dying and it might be best that we perform euthanasia to end his suffering. I am pro-life (for all living things) and I can't fathom that I will have to kill my dog. I need your opinion. Is killing him the best option or should I let nature take its course?

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Celebrate with SCPA the World Animal Day on Sept 30 at the East Coast Park. You can view the details at http://www.spca.org.sg/whatsnew.html

started by: Rock Star-39233 · last update: 1347479705 · posted: 1347011619

Wow, these pandas are getting the royal treatment!

started by: Neana · last update: 1346152613 · posted: 1346069397

I need a vet that is willing to do house calls. My cat almost has a heart attack if I take her to the vet!

started by: FDRQ · last update: 1345651519 · posted: 1345553936

What is the best way to move the dog I gave to my daughter when she goes back to the US? Any suggestions. Thanks.

started by: Barbaramil · last update: 1345108158 · posted: 1345022218

Our family is planning on getting a dog. We want a big dog that is child friendly the likes of Golden Retriever and Labrador. Are there other breeds out there aside from the two?

started by: shygirl · last update: 1342958258 · posted: 1335181065

We live in a beautiful black and white house but I am a bit worried because in the past three months since we've moved in, we caught 5 snakes. Where do we report this? How can we get rid of the snakes? Thanks.

started by: grandmm · last update: 1341927859 · posted: 1341844821

My vet is moving out of Singapore. Can you please recommend an English-speaking veterinarian specialising in dogs? Thanks.

started by: Barbaramil · last update: 1340120514 · posted: 1336468884

We're going away for two weeks next month. Can anybody recommend where we could live our dog for a doggie holiday? Thanks.

started by: Ang Mo · last update: 1340032896 · posted: 1339158634

A dog in our condo has bitten one of the residents and it was on camera. This has happened before with another dog and the management caved, but didnt have the incident on camera. It clearly states in our bylaws that in the event that this happens the dog must be removed, but its still there. I am terrified of dogs and knowing this one could attack me is very worrying. Is there anything I can do to make the management remove the dog?

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