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There is a grand opening of Super Cuddles at 188-5 Tanjong katong Road, Singapore 436990 www.supercuddlesclubhouse.com - there will be a cartoonist there to draw your dog, any donations go to Action For Singapore Dogs!

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We came home very inspired after his show. We learned how to be pack assertive leaders. We immediately applied what we learned and our dogs have become calmer. Truly truly inspiring and amazing!

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I saw a neighbor maltreat a cat. Where do I report an animal cruelty case? Thanks.

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The National Parks Board (NParks) is calling the public not to release animals into the wild this Vesak Day on Saturday. NParks director of conservation Wong Tuan Wah said: "We would like to appeal to the public not to release animals into the wild as it means sending them to their deaths."As some of these animals are usually kept as pets, they are not likely to survive as they are not used to the surroundings and are not able to cope in the wild. If these animals carry viruses, they will also affect other native wildlife."

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My daughter wants a bird. What kind of bird should I buy that is appropriate for a 3 year old? Thanks.

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Now that my mom is on the way to recovery and will be heading home soon..I'm thinking of getting a small dog to keep me company. What is the best small dog to get that does not bark all the time, not so furry (I don't like shedding hair) and friendly to people but fierce to strangers? Thanks.

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What is the pet policy for HDB flats? Is it true that you cannot own a pet when you live in an HDB? Thanks.

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We went horse riding in the Blue Mountains and ever since we came home from Sydne last December, my daughter has been bugging me to get her a horse. The thing with Singapore is I honestly do not know where to put the horse. Buying the horse is probably easier than its maintenance in an island where space is a scarcity and a privilege. I've heard about the Saddle Club here on Angloinfo but not sure exactly what their services are. Do they have a boarding stable for horse owners? Or is there another place where we could board the horse? My next question is can we buy a horse here? Or should we import it from home? Many thanks for your help.

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I'm looking for an artist who can make a group portrait of all our dogs? Any takers out there?

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What's the going rate for pet sitting?

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Help! Any ideas of places to stable him/her, im guessing these are quite hard to come by? Any help much appreciated.

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Our cocker spaniel was hit and ran over by an unidentified car. We were not able to get its plate but it was blue Honda. How can some people be so cruel!!! Where can we report this?

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Found out today that Nat Geo Channel is coming up with a dog adoption drive on Feb 18-19! It will be held at the East Coast Park. Hope to see you there!

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How easy or how difficult is it to move my dog from Sydney to Singapore? Thanks.

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I am saddened that my vet has given my cat a few weeks to live. Since I live in a flat I need to know what to do with my cat once he departs from this world. Is there a pet cemetery in Singapore? Thank you for any lead you can share with me.

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Our dog is very sick and our vet said he is going to pass soon. We're weighing our options between burial or cremation. Do you have any ideas if there is a pet cemetery here? Are there cremation services available for animals? Thank you.

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Can anybody confirm if it is true that NTUC Income is offering pet insurance? Thanks.

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As we were going home yesterday afternoon, I saw a cat chasing a bird. We chased the cat away especially because we thought the bird was injured. It turned out that it is a baby bird trying to learn how to fly. We kept the bird in an old hamster cage (good thing we had one) but we know that we cannot keep that long. What should we do? How do we teach the bird how to fly? What should we feed the bird? Thank you in advance for your kind help.

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Our usual pet boarding is not available this weekend. Need to be away for a month because my mother in law is sick. Can anybody recommend a good place in a loving environment? Thanks.

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Our maid has been feeding the stray cats that come to our house as such they have been regular visitors in our home. We want to adopt them because our kids have grown in love with those cats. Do I need to register with SPCA? What sort of vaccine should we give them? Thanks.

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