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Our beloved golden retriever passed away this morning. We need someone who can help us make a marker for our dog in our garden. I know it's CNY but we are hoping there is someone out there who needs work.

started by: redwine-34212 · last update: 1325591782 · posted: 1325591782

I am glad that SPCA is pushing for more legislation to safeguard animals.I was flabbergasted to find out that many pets were abandoned during the holidays. It's such a pity! I hope parents of children below 16 will be more prudent in buying pets for their kids. They need to be guided to care for pets. If you can't help, then don't get one for them! It's as simple as that!!!

started by: SPB-18380 · last update: 1322470565 · posted: 1322395991

Disaster maid having to go away for 4 weeks now and we are also away over Christmas for 2 weeks, need to house our dog somewhere - any recommendations?

started by: Mr. W · last update: 1320486330 · posted: 1320422631

We're living our beloved dog in Singapore for the holiday. Any recommendation who can very well take care of our dog?

started by: grandmm · last update: 1319641948 · posted: 1319194870

Is there any remote possibility that somebody is teaching dog yoga in Singapore? If you know anyone, please let me know. Thanks!

started by: redwine-34212 · last update: 1318327750 · posted: 1318327750

Finally the SCPA is doing more to address animal cruelty. So if you know anyone, you can report it to SCPA and you will receive a reward of $1,000.

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They are called Molly , Brittany and Max they are up to date on all their shots and will come along side with all their documents.they are ready to go to any person who is ready to provide them with enough care and love..they are soo affectionate and love to play alongside with Kids and other pets..More over they are Micro-chipped and will be the perfect puppies you have ever dream of..also they are AKC registered and health guarantee.these puppies are only 11 weeks old now .they have been vaccinated,wormed and microchipped and they are also vet check..contact us for more infos on : (roselala831@gmail.com)

started by: Stuart-34306 · last update: 1316263086 · posted: 1316084760

This is the first time that my kids insist that we bring our Labrador to UK for our next holiday. I don't know much about pet travel so I would like to hear from you. Which airline allows pet travel? What sort of documents do we need to prepare for our dog here in Singpaore and in the UK? Thanks.

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I was going over the Strait Times when I came across this new about a couple who split up and is fighting over the custody of the dog. I pity all parties involved because it's traumatic for everyone. I just hope that whatever decision they make, it will be for the best interest of the dog.

started by: jockney · last update: 1315123989 · posted: 1315123989

We have a female West Highland Terrier and we are looking to mate her in December and we are looking for Male West Highland Terrier to help! Contact phone@tedata.net.eg

started by: VGee · last update: 1312629571 · posted: 1312629571

Hi, Does anybody know how much (approx) it would cost to transport my labrador back to the UK and what it involves? Thank you!

started by: grandmm · last update: 1311758150 · posted: 1311690400

I'm thinking of giving my dog a birthday party next month. We have met a few ladies with their dogs during our daily stroll. I'm looking for a place where we could ha a spa party for the dogs and we could also have a mani, pedi while we wait. It's a small group of 5 ladies with 5 dogs. Thanks in advance.

started by: strange1 · last update: 1311589666 · posted: 1311502022

We lost our dog as our maid left the gate open. It's a gray male pug. His name is Jerry. He has a dog tag around his neck indicating his name and our contact number. If anybody finds it, please please let us know. What else can we do to find our lost dog? Thank you very much!

started by: ola-38047 · last update: 1311172402 · posted: 1311071706

We're looking for a pet sitter with a homey environment for our Golden Retriever. Your personal recommendation is preferred. Thanks.

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Cathay Pacific bans flat-faced dogsHong Kong – Flat-faced canines can no longer fly Cathay Pacific. And their feline friends need to make other travel plans, too.http://www.eturbonews.com/24084/cathay-pacific-bans-flat-faced-dogs

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To all dog lovers who would love to adopt a dog, join me this weekend for a two-day dog adoption at K9 Kulture, 110 Turf Club Road, Turf City organised by Action for Singapore Dogs. I think it will start by mid-morning. For more info, you can have a look at their website www.asdsingapore.com

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Which kind is easier to maintain? My son wants to have a fish but I am having second thoughts because I don't have time to maintain. I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.

started by: Mrs. Robinson · last update: 1308072552 · posted: 1307982876

Hi, I am looking for a dog bed for our Labrador. Most of the beds available are for small dogs. I'd appreciate if you can point me to shop that sells furniture for large dogs. Thanks!

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We recently adopted a cat and I want to know if there's any company that constructs cat flaps here in Singapore. Would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.

started by: Joanna-17702 · last update: 1306770795 · posted: 1306770795

I have a dog birthing pen that I'd like to give away. It is made of marine ply, so waterproof, about 1.20m x 1.20m. Once used for my Golden Retriever. It can be dismantled easily. Call me on 9677 3024 if you are interested.

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