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I have a 5 year old male boxer whom I am looking to breed. If anybody could offer assistance, I would appreciate it very much since this is my first time to breed.

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Is the dolphin lodge in Batam still open? I've been trying to google but couldn't find any latest news. The last piece of news/article/blog dates back to 2004. Our children wants to see the dolphins as we've been there before.

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We're looking for a very good dog sitter to care for our Golden Retriever while we are on holiday this July. We'll be away for a month. She is very sweet and we want someone who will be able to look after her with a lot of TLC. Personal recommendations are preferred. Thank you.

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Where can I report a stray cay? While in my custody, what should I do? I gave him milk this morning, is that alright? I am not really an animal expert, your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi, I'm looking to adopt a puppy. I have a 16 year old daughter and we live in a 2 bedroom condo, which is rather small. I would like a small breed. If you know of anyone who has pups for adoption please let me know. I have tried all the "pet farms" and they're a scam really, they sell the pups and you can "re-home" them for a fee. Thanks

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Dog Crate FOR SALE Airline approved Crate for Big Dog. Good condition $ 150 ono Tel : Susan 90222171

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I am perplexed by the recent news about a dog died in the hands of AVA Centre's staff while being micro-chipped. It's a classic form of animal cruelty - procedure first before dog's well-being. Is there a way to reprimand the staff? Or is it business as usual for the management of AVA Centre? My heart goes out to the owners. RIP.

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At Last! I have found this lovely Scottish woman who looks after my dog for me while I am at work. Once a day for an hour or so she will come and refresh his water, feed him and take him for a walk in his favourite park; I used to be nervous leaving him with strangers but he seems to have fallen in love with her already so I have a very happy pooch! She also looks after cats and smaller animals too and takes them in when people go on holiday... my husband is happy too as it means we can go on more long weekends without the guilt of leaving him with random people!

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My friend has just sent her two cats back to Australia. Is there a way to calm cats down. They were very scared, and were quite difficult to catch, we were scratched, hissed at and swiped at.

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Is there a natural way of removing dog lice? Thanks.

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Thinking of getting a new addition to the family? Don't go to the pet shops but support the great work undertaken at Mutts & Mittens. * Rehabilitation-Rehome Programs* Community Involvement Programs (CIP) * Volunteer Programs This WEEKEND 12 & 13 March 2011 - Please come along to the Mutts & Mittens Adoption Drive and Flea Market - from 11:00 - 17:00 Address is: 11 Pasir Ris Farmway 2 Singapore , 519326 ( About 2mins drive from IKEA at Tel: +65 6583 7371. The adoption fees are Dog 200/ Cat 150. All potential adopters must agreeable to house visit. Pets will not be released on the spot, interested adoptors will be interviewed. We may do home visits to ensure the safety of the pet and for follow up checks. Hope to see you there soon!

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Our 1 year old Labradoodle named Princess went missing on the evening of the 31st january in the Nassim Road area when someone left the gate open. We are all missing her. She answers to Princess and has been recently shaven / clipped. Very docile. $3,000 reward offered to bring her home. Please call 90119278. Thanks

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I am flabbergasted that there's only one hospital that carries an anti-venom medicine for animals bit by a snake. With all of Singapore's efficiency, they have forgotten this one important bit. My friend almost lost her mind when she couldn't find one. It's a good thing that Mount Pleasant Hospital carries this medicine.

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Where can I have a dog house customised?

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Hi all, just moved here and our pets are joinning soon. One of our cats is quite happy to stay in the appartment. The other is ok, but a bit more adventurous. Any idea where I can get netting to ensure that the opening from theutility room is made safe for them? We are relatively high up in a condo.I used to have some safety netting obtained from a petshop when living in Switzerland, but can't seem to find any here.Plastic, white preferably, with about 3cm square holes. All ideas welcome.

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We had to rush our dog to the vet because of vomiting. We had a very unfortunate experience with several taxis who declined to take us in because of our dog’s condition. Where can we report these taxi drivers? Just in case we have another dog emergency, is there a pet taxi/ pet ambulance we could call? I was really distraught by this experience.

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As we were moving to a smaller place we put up our retriever up for adoption hoping that he would find a loving home with enough space for him.Our only condition was that my teenage daughters be allowed to visit him once in a while.He was adopted by a family who appeared extremely friendly.After two weeks of their taking him when I tried to contact them because my girls wanted to see him-they refused to take the call or respond to SMSes.Eventualy when we dropped by to see if all was fine to our dismay we found that they had given/sold him and they refused to give us his wherabouts.My daughters are completely devastated that they cannot see him anymore. Does anyone know of a way that I can make sure that he is OK?

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Someone left four kittens on my door. I have no idea how to take care of these kittens especially since I am a dog person. I have cleaned them up, bought cat milk and bottles and I also made a little box for them. Any suggestions on how often do I need to feed them? They have tiny teeth and they actively play but I have noticed that their eyes have not fully opened. Any suggestions would help. Thanks.

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In the past two months that I've been walking my dog, I met a wonderful lady who also walks her dog regularly and we became friends instantly. She went on a holiday for two weeks and when she came back she found her dog to be sick At first she thought it was gastroenteritis. She brought her dog to the vet and he performed an operation in the pancreas. The vet told her to feed the dog with boiled chicken, rice, natural yogurt and to give the dog insulin. The dog is now very skinny compared to a month ago. It seems that the vet keeps on increasing the insulin level every time she visits the vet plus the vet insists on performing blood tests which cost a fortune. My friend is becoming more and more worried about her dog. Does anyone have any experience with a dog with diabetes or better yet can anybody recommend a good vet? I have a feeling that the vet does not really know for sure what's wrong with my friend's dog. Thank you.

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I'm thinking of getting a small dog. Is there any law that prohibits dog owners from bringing dogs to MRT, Taxis, buses? Thanks.

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