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Our dog has been in and out of the vet. I've been wondering if there is an accredited pet insurance here just like in the UK...Please let me know if you have any.

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does the government allow foreign nationals to bring in pets from abroad? in my case from finland. what are the requirements?

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I have been asked to post this on behalf of JulieHello All, Link To PicturesAbove is the link to photos I took yesterday of dogs at the site of an animal rescue... the dogs are all now in a holding centre in PasirRis.**Please know that I am not affiliated with any organization. I was simply alerted by a friend that several dogs were in trouble, and so my husband and I went to help out.SEVENTY EIGHT dogs were rescued from an abandoned puppy mill, and theyare all in need of fostering and/or adoption. Apparently the "breeder" decided that he no longer wanted his business, and simply left. From what I understand, concerned neighbors discovered the dogs and contacted friends who organized a relief effort. Most are small dogs, but there are many labs and golden retrievers, which are apparently harder to place in Singapore given the HDB rules. They arein sad shape, but not grave shape at the moment. Most have sores and bites, and most are malnourished-- but nothing a bit of TLC couldn't fix. I could not get over how sweet they ALL were, despite how they've been treated. Many of the females had been made to be mothers several times over, and thus were timid and afraid of being leashed, which broke our hearts. But honestly, what we couldn't get over was just how much ALL of the dogs just wanted to be hugged and held.PLEASE pass this along-- these dogs really need us. Also, anyone interested in volunteering-- there is plenty to do... mainly just cuddling and walking! I was really reticent to go b/c I thought I couldn't handle how sad it would be... but frankly, even though it wastough to see, I felt that I had done some good.The main contact is a man named Derrick-- he can be reached at 9622 3027. And of course, feel free to contact me, Julie at 9649 4666 for moreinformation.I had heard of puppy mills, but had NO idea what humans could putthese dogs through until I saw with my own eyes yesterday.

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To all dog lovers, I hope to see you this weekend at the US Dog Agility Association Sanctioned Trials (qualifying round for the World Championship). Admission is free at the Sengkang Riverside Park, Visitor Centre (MRT - Farmway LRT) from 9.30am - 5pm

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Are there any companies in Singapore that offer pet insurance?

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I just want to alert people who have cats and dogs as pets as to which plants are toxic to them. One of my cats recently chewed on an Azalea plant I'd bought for decoration and vomited for 4 days straight. I thought she was going to die and of course took her to the vets. She managed to get over it but only just. I had no idea so many plants are toxic. Here is a list for those of you who care deeply about your pets and want to stay clear of certain house plants and garden plants like pointsettia (Xmas), lilies, oleander, and many many more...

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Does anyone know if there are any mobile pet grooming services that come to your house to wash dogs etc...

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Can any one tell me where I can buy fresh fully grown cat grass? I can only seem to find the seed packs to grow your own and I need some asap. Thanks

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Hello ~I just recently moved here to the Holland Village area. I have (2) female Mini Dachshund Smooths. My husband wants to book a trip to Thailand in a couple months for a week excursion. However, he won't do it, until we find a REPUTABLE & RELIABLE dog boarding facility. And, I definitely agree. All we are trying to do is find a service that can take care of our girls, make sure they are fed, walked, cared for, and are not neglected or abused. We don't want to take chances with our babies. We would like to find someone that has had a good experience with dog boarding/kenneling service. We just don't know where to go or who to trust. And, we prefer for them to be kenneled together, not to be walking around the facility like a baby-sitting type service. We also don't want in-home care. We are also looking into a Doggy Day Care Service also, in case I need to visit home and he has to work and care for our girls by himself without me.These are some of the following we are looking at:Rected KennelsWoofwalkiesK9 Boarding & Camp (Turf City)Mutts & MittensBest Pet ServicesDog Story Daycare (Day Care Only)Is there anyone here who has some experience and can recommend a facility to us please?We love Singapore, but we would like to see some more of Asia, while we are here. But we don't want to put our babies at risk. Any suggestions, would be greatly appreciated. Please help us... I am anxiously awaiting your replies.

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I think my cat has a fur ball, any ideas on how I can help him get rid of it?

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My 2 year old cat has suddenly started to refuse to eat. He seems ok within himself but just won't eat. Any ideas on how to get him to eat?

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Took some friends who are thinking of getting a dog to the pet farms at Pasir Ris on the weekend. I have to admit that I have never seen anything like it before. Although the dogs look healthy and well looked after I have my doubts about buying a dog from one of these places. Has anyone bought a dog and or cat from one of these animal farms? What was your experience? Please let me know.

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What are the arguments for and against? My rescued cat, now very big and strong, have demolished another 2 armchairs......I can't afford to keep on buying new ones and am thinking of having them de-clawed. They are apartment cats and never go outside except on the balconies, so don't need them to fight back if attacked. Do the claws ever grow back if so how long does it take for them to grow?

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Help find Ginger.. Our dog, a female Labrador by the name of Ginger is missing. Ginger is very special to us. If you have seen her, please contact us immediately. Some ways to identify her.. Microchip: 702055550005189, License: D207406P She is afraid of the vet. She struggles to "escape" when ever we bring her to any pet clinic. She has a distinct mark on her tongue, which is a slight tear on the left side (she bite it accidentally when she was young.) She's petite, obedienced-trained and loves to play tug and fetch.. We can be contacted at 93899896 (Hweeling) and 91062928 (Simon) We are offering a S$5000 reward for information leading to Ginger's safe return. No questions asked.

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Just read in todays paper that as of January dogs and cats imported from Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and the US territories of Guam and Hawaii no longer have to do 30 days quarantine when arriving in Singapore. The rest of the US will only have to do 10 days quarantine. Interesting.

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Looking at getting a British Shorthair kitten. Does anyone know if there are any breeders in Singapore?

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Red Medium Snoozer Pet Wheel Around is a High Quality Wheeled Pet Carrier Approved by Airline at SGD$130It's a pet wheeled carrier, backpack, car seat, and travel bed — all in one!The 4-in-1 Pet Wheel Around is a high quality, wheeled transport that lets you take your pet almost anywhere you go.As a wheeled pet carrier: Easy to pull and great for taking your pet through the airport, to the vet, for a walk — just about anywhere!As a pet backpack: Converts easily and has an ergonomically-contoured back with padded shoulder straps that can be hidden when not in use. The padded back provides extra comfort.As a pet car seat: Your car's seat belt holds the Pet Wheel Around safe and secure while you travel.As a pet travel bed: Lay the carrier flat on its back, and your pet has a comfy bed when you get to your destination!• Soft, yet durable, nylon microfibre quilt fabric • Mesh on three sides for pet's viewing and comfort • Multi-stage, telescopic handle • Folds flat for storage • Two side storage pockets • Easy zippered access to pet compartment • Safety strap attaches to your pet's collar • Great for dogs and cats!Product Specification : - Material Heavy Duty Nylon Interior Measurements 13" W x 9" D x 16" H Exterior Measurements 14" W x 11" D x 20" H ( 38” H with handle extended )Weight of Carrier 7 lbs Pet Weight holds pets up to 15 lbs Length of pet should be 13" or less from base of neck to base of tail for comfortable fit. 1 Year Limited Warranty TERMS & CONDITION .Self-collection at: .Kallang Airport..POSB/ DBS Bank Transfer – For Local Buyers Only..PayPal + 4% Handling Fee – For Local/ Overseas Buyers Only. POSTAGE 1. Registered Mail requires an additional of SGD$10. 2. Tracking number will be provided for all registered packages. 3. We will send a notification email after we have mailed out the packages.4. We are not liable for any damage to your package during the transit of mailing as the delivery will be carried out by SingPost. 5. This will ensure that your purchase is well-valued. SERIOUS BUYER ONLY! THANKS!

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Hi all, my bro had a baby n now has to give up his 2 adorable cats. it breaks my heart but i cannot take them in as i already have 2 of my own.Looking for genuine responsible adopters.The 2 cats are siblings and are about 3 yrs old. Both are sterilised n healthy. Mixed breed (siamese-local).They're extremely loving n affectionate. they enjoy curling up with you :) they're also friendly n generally get along with other pets. they're also pretty talkative so it's always fun to have them around.Both are toilet trained but can use cat litter if provided.Photos available here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/twoclowns/cute.jpghttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/twoclowns/HugHug.jpghttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/twoclowns/OtongNakmandi.jpghttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/twoclowns/KakakBaju.jpgPls guys , I am desperate to look for warm loving homes for these awesome cats. :( If possible, I prefer it if the two are adopted together but it is not a must.Interested parties, pls sms me at 98291907 or email booyabug@yahoo.comThank you!!

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I saw a pet nail trimming device called Pedipaws when I was in the US last year but never bought one. Does anyone know if you can buy then here.

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HiI live in near the Bukit Timah nature reserve area in Singapore and am having problems with snakes coming into my garden. The other day a cobra reared itself up at me. Of course I called animal control who came and killed it, but I don't want to have to do that everytime. We've also seen or been told of pythons in the area. I realize this is a common occurance in Singapore but I have young kids and can't even risk them being alone in the garden for fear of what might happen. I've heard about some sort of sulphur powder which you can use to repel them but am not totally sure what exactly it is or where to get it. Can anyone give me some advice on this problem?Cheers

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