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Football Siao is a website for EPL fans. It is about Liverpool fans' obsession to be reunited with the EPL trophy, despite her having left for 30 years. It's about Man U fans coming to grips with the realisation that there is no life after Sir Alex. It's about Arsenal fans reminiscing about the good old days where they celebrate St Totteringham's Day, and Spurs fans wondering if they have to Google their next new signing. It's about Manchester City and Chelsea fans, all five of them.

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Now fines of up to $5000 or 6 months jail if anyone on an electric scooter is found to be on a roadBut what about foot paths - they are so dangerous - one nearly took me out on a path in Orchard road this week!

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Hey, angloinfo! Any freebies for angloinfo members at the Rugby Sevens?

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My friend just ordered one to the UK, but I don't want to wait and they look like fun. Any ideas?

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It was my first time to go biking at Coney Island and I has so much fun. There was so much beauty to take in from the forest to the beach and the birds and even lizards. It is safe to bring your kids. I highly recommend this kind of family activity.

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My yoga instructor is leaving Singapore for good and I am looking for a new one who can come to my home 3 times a week. Do you know anyone who is certified? Thank you.

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Will be having friends over next month, where can you suggest they go surfing?

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Went last year and was really impressed with the event and stadium - even sort of air conditioned with cool air coming out from under the seats .....even though the roof is open.

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What an epic match between two great players - Nadal and Federer! I wasn't cheering for anyone in particular, I was rooting for tennis last night. What a great way to start the year.

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Looking forward to the race this year. Excited to watch the Kylie Minoque!

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I was looking at the What's On page of Angloinfo and was reminded of the WTA Finals. They are offering a family package for 4 (2 adults and 2 kids), 50% off. This is a great discount if you are looking for a family activity.

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My goodness just found out that live Olympic games will not be shown live!!! Any ideas where to watch live streaming of the Rio games?

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Fantastic new about Joseph Schooling gold medal for Singapore! http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/joseph-schooling-wins-singapores-first-olympic-gold-beating-childhood-idol-phelps

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I want to try diving. But I don't know which course to take and where. I have no prior experience except snorkeling.

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I have recently joined an adults training program at Turf City through Espzen Soccer School. I had so much fun with my mates. It felt good to be able to re-learn soccer skills even at this age. Coach Dickson is fantastic! He also coaches kids. They have different programs for different age brackets and levels.

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Anyone recommend a good pilates studio and tell me the price guide thanks

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Really good day yesterday and the cooling system worked well making the whole experience of watching the rugby really enjoyable - I believe 30,000 people there!

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Can anyone recommend a good Pilates place for varied Pilates classes - not too expensive - am living in Tanglin Road area - TIA

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Does anybody know where I could join an amateur rugby group?

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