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Hi all, Just saw the post about the personal trainer and thought i'd give a mention to my friend Alicia who runs part time yoga classes throughout the week. It's a great form of exercise and fun way to stay in shape. Give her a call at 9839 3017 if your interested V

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Take a look at Gyms, Yoga, Pilates Classes & Trainers. I'm sure you'll find something.

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Gym closed? lock-down due to Covid-19? you might be wondering how to stay fit when
you can’t head to the gym, swimming pool or even outside. Here’s a list
of exercises that could all be done in a small space and without any
kit or equipment.

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Give it about five-six minutes to get your muscles active and your
heart rate up. This will help you do list of exercises properly and help prevent
injury. You can run in place, do air punches and kicks, or some
jumping jacks.

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