Heritage Murals at 51 Waterloo Street

from Jul 26th 2017


Located on the ground floor of 51 Waterloo Street, the building adjoining 222 Queen Street, the mural is a site-specific commission by local artists, Yip Yew Chong and Yuen Kum Cheong. The murals are a series of six door panels inspired by the colourful history of the Bras Basah area, creating a connection to familiar scenes of our past. The artists have depicted scenes of daily life in the 1960s and community landmarks such as the old National Library, Odeon Cinema and National Theatre, which have been lost due to redevelopment.

The six murals include:
1. National Library & MPH
2. Two Rails
3. Odean Cinema & National Theatre
4. Mama Shop
Beach Road Army Market & NCO Club 6. Ice Ball