Art & Exhibitions

Fifty Years of Singapore Design from Mar 10th 2015 to Dec 31st 2017
From the early years in the 60s through to the glittering metropolis of today, this exhibition charts the rise in design on the Red Dot. The showcase includes stories that reflects the trends and values of each decade.
The Asian Civilisation Museum displays highlights from South Asia and the Islamic world.
Located on the ground floor of 51 Waterloo Street, the building adjoining 222 Queen Street, the mural is a site-specific commission by local artists, Yip Yew Chong and Yuen Kum Cheong. The murals are a series of six door panels inspired by the colourful history of the Bras Basah area, creating a con...
Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission: Danh Vo from Nov 4th 2016 to Aug 31st 2017
The National Gallery houses a series of works by Danish artist Danh Vo, whose Vietnamese background has inspired this collection of sculptures, part of the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden collection.
Ridley & The Rubber Industry Exhibition @ Botanic Gardens from Oct 24th 2016 to Aug 31st 2017
This exhibition, at the Gardens' Library of Botany & Horticulture, showcases the research of H N Ridley, whose contribution to Singapore's rubber industry was fundamental to the growth of the gardens. Includes items showing how Chinese tycoons made money from rubber, such as plantation tokens,...
Wu Guanzhong: A Walk Through Nature from Nov 14th 2016 to Dec 3rd 2017
Wu exhibits in the gallery named after him, showing works on a rotational basis. The showcase has around 20 pieces, painted in China from the 60s right up to the 2000s.
The Later Style of Lim Tze Peng from Nov 25th 2016 to Jul 29th 2017
A look at the world of this 96-year-old artist who uses Chinese ink and brush to create works of beauty, both landscape and abstract.
Plastic Innovations from Mar 3rd 2017 to Nov 30th 2017
At the National Design Centre, a showcase displaying objects that can be touched and explored. Gallery opening hours 10:00-18:00
The Universe And Art: An Artistic Voyage Through Space from Apr 1st 2017 to Jul 30th 2017
Take a trip through space with this up-close look at the Universe, from artifacts and paintings to manuscripts and more. There are four separate themes to explore, plus guided tours, talks and workshops. Click here for full details.Pic: Carboniferous Period by Sugimoto Hiroshi
I’m a Seed Though a Different One From You from Mar 25th 2017 to Jul 25th 2017
In the film gallery, a visual arts exhibition running from March to May, in which Singapore-based photographers showcase their recent works. The project is headed up by artist Lavender Chang.
In ancient Chinese culture, children's clothing and accessories were more than mere adornments of the body – they were bearers of the hopes and blessings for their young wearers. These clothing and accessory items often featured motifs that sought to bestow blessings of good fortune, longevity and h...
Precious Eggs: Of Art, Beauty and Culture from Apr 19th 2017 to Oct 29th 2017
The exhibition showcases a collection of 148 precious eggs from the Liechtenstein National Museum. The egg’s unique form and life-giving symbol have inspired artists and craftsmen, resulting in historical pieces like the Russian Imperial porcelain eggs, Fabergé egg pendants and other works using mat...
Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth from May 6th 2017 to Aug 27th 2017
The 7th edition of this annual family-focused exhibition comes to Singapore Art Museum's 8Q branch in May, running right through to August, with curator tours, fun family events and more.
Joseon Korea: Court Treasures and City Life @ ACM from Apr 22nd 2017 to Jul 23rd 2017
The new exhibition at the Asian Civilisation Museum is a showcase of items from Korean drama - from paintings and fashion to furniture and even an installation.Keep an eye out for accompanying talks - more information from the museum website.ACM opening hours: Sat-Thu 10:00-19:00, Fri 10:00-21:00
From January 2017, NUS Museum has hosted this exhibition that looks at how the connection between the permanent collection at NUS and writings on cultural history.Opening hours: Tue-Fri 10:00-19:30, Sat & Sun 10:00-18:00.Pic: Pan Pacific Hotel c late 1980s, collection Jimmy Ong
Human+ The Future of Our Species from May 20th 2017 to Oct 15th 2017
ArtScience Museum's latest exhibition looks at advances in genetic engineering, once a far-off legend, now very real. What is human life in this day and age - what will it be in the future.Pic: Anouk Nitsche
A showcase of works carried out during the artist's travels around China, plus a public programme with artist discussions, talks and screenings.Gallery opening hours: Tue-Sun 12:00-19:00, Fri 12:00-21:00.
Massimo Giannoni: Panopticon from May 12th 2017 to Aug 24th 2017
Italian painter Massimo Giannoni brings 27 large oils to Singapore's Partners + Mucciaccia Gallery.Gallery opening hours: Tue-Fri 12:00-19:00, Sat 11:00-19:00, Sun 12:00-18:00.
Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall hosts this showcase of children's clothing from the late Qing era to the early Republican age. Exhibition opening hours: Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00
Oneness' by Minjung Kim at Aloft Art Space, Hermes from May 4th 2017 to Jul 30th 2017
An exhibition of works from artist Oneness' by Minjung Kim, whose works deal with the topics of nature, order and disorder, natural powers and belief systems. You can view the works at the Hermes art Space, Aloft, at Liat Towers on Orchard Road.
At the Wu Guanzhong Gallery, founded by the late Mr Yeo Khee Lim, the Xiu Hai Lou Collection displays a collection of Chinese painting and calligraphy that gives visitors an opportunity to journey and understand the evolution of modern Chinese painting.
Ghost Nets of the Ocean – Au Karem ira Lamar Lu from Jun 1st 2017 to Aug 6th 2017
Fish, turtles, squid, and jellyfish made from ocean debris, including abandoned fishing nets and recycled plastics, Ghost Nets of the Ocean is a spectacular marine-themed exhibition created by indigenous and non-indigenous artists from Erub Arts on Darnley Island, Torres Strait, Australia. These col...
At the National Gallery Singapore, Dreams & Stories, Gallery Children's Biennale, featuring ten interactive art showcases and activities to ignite the imagination of kids. The artworks were created for young visitors and their families to be inspired, to learn and have fun together.
A Little Magic Exhibition from May 27th 2017 to Oct 8th 2017
Enter the fantastical realm of fairy tales through beautiful stamps from all over the world and engage your senses with interactive and hands-on exhibits. Relive the magic woven by Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault and more. For children aged 4 years and above and all who...
Spectrum Version 2.2 by Jeremy Sharma from Jul 29th 2017 to Aug 20th 2017
At the Sullivan + Strumpf, Jeremy Sharma's Spectrum Version 2.2 showcases artwork installations using image, video, light and sound to produce fleeting monuments of memory that are at once solid and atmospheric.
Singapore Contemporary 2018 from Jan 18th 2018 to Jan 21st 2018
Held during the Singapore Art Week, Singapore Contemporary returns for its 3rd edition. Art Galleries and artists all over the world get the opportunity to meet art lovers and collectors from the region around Singapore. The show features four important sectors: Photo18 Singapore, Latin America...
At the National Gallery, the exhibition showcases Vietnamese lacquer painting of artists Nguyen Gia Tri and Phi Phi Oanh.
Yayoi Kusama: Life if the Heart of a Rainbow from Jun 9th 2017 to Sep 3rd 2017
At the National Gallery Singapore in collaboration with Queensland Art Gallery, exhibition displays of Yayoi Kusama's artworks from 1950s to present. Exhibition schedule:Sun - Thu, Public Holiday: 10:00 - 19:00Fri - Sat, Eve of Public Holiday: 10:00 - 22:00
Downton Abbey : The Exhibition from Jun 17th 2017 to Jul 31st 2017
Downtown Abbey: The Exhibition, travel back in time to a post-Edwardian England. Exhibition showcases the characters and the iconic house with authentic set up and costumes, based on the popular TV show.
Singapore’s first debut of the PIECE OF PEACE World Tour, a UNESCO world heritage art exhibition, will be coming your way, rom 27 July to 3 September 2017 at Fort Canning Arts Centre. This is proudly brought to you by the *PIECE OF PEACE Executive Committee, Axseed Events and official partner LEGO®...
Make Shift from Jun 24th 2017 to Aug 27th 2017
FOST Gallery showcases Make Shift, the second solo exhibition of Phi Phi Oanh, with pictorial installations of sculptures and paintings portraying common sights seen in a Vietnamese construction site.Gallery hours:Tues-Sat: 11:00-19:00Sun: 11:00-18:00Mon/Pub Holiday: Open by appointment
Apertures from Jun 24th 2017 to Sep 3rd 2017
Yeo Workshop presents Apertures, a group exhibition of the works of Mike HJ Chang, Merryn Trevethan, Xue Mu, and Filippo Sciascia comprised of painting, photography and sculpture presenting contemporary artefacts.Artist talk with Mike HJ Chang and Filippo Scriascia on 24 Jun, 12:00-14:00.O...
Season 2: Stories for an Island from Jun 29th 2017 to Jul 23rd 2017
Chan + Hori presents two solo exhibitions opening on 29 June. Sharon Chin's Local Flora, in collaboration with Bogus Merchandise, featuring guest curator Sharman Parameswaran and Chris Chong Chan Fui's Botanic: Endemic at Gillman Barracks.Opening night at 19:00 at the Chan + Hori Contemporary
David Hockney, Britain's most celebrated living artist, on STPI Gallery as part of their 15th anniversary celebration. The exhibition showcases 36 of his works mostly from the Singapore Art Museum Collection.
Singapore-born photographer, Lee Fook Chee is featured in this exhibition at The Arts House, showcasing over 50 images of 1950s Hong Kong where the artist lived as a young immigrant. The exhibition is in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
Objectifs: Shooting Home Youth Awards Exhibition from Jul 1st 2017 to Jul 31st 2017
At the [email protected], this exhibition showcases the works of 9 young photographers who participated at the Shooting Home Youth Awards 2016. Admission is free.Artist Talk: Sat 9 Jul, 14:00-16:00 @ [email protected]
Open House @ SAM (9 Aug) from Aug 9th 2017 to Aug 9th 2017
Celebrate National Day at the Singapore Art Museum with free entry to Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth and participate in family-fun activities.Free admission
Children's Season at the National Museum from May 27th 2017 to Jul 30th 2017
Discover, learn and have fun with the whole family during the Children's Season at the National Museum.
Abode of Peace & The Lion City from Jul 6th 2017 to Feb 28th 2018
At the Singapore Philatelic Museum, in celebration of the relationship between Singapore and Brunei Darussalam, an exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Currency Interchangeability Agreement. The exhibition showcases the two countries history together and features the culture and peop...
Obejctifs: Home in Focus from Aug 3rd 2017 to Sep 3rd 2017
The Straits Times and Objectifs present this photography exhibition showcasing images from the eponymous column of The Straits Times newspaper. This exhibition recognises the stories of Singapore, where subjects in focus are ordinary Singaporeans and the significance of photojournalism.Opening Recep...
“East Meets West” from Jul 22nd 2017 to Jul 29th 2017
“East Meets West”  (22 – 29 July) celebrates the harmonious integration of eastern and western art forms in Singapore. 80 pieces of artwork will be brought together by four Chinese ink artists and four Western oil painting artists. Both art forms are deeply rooted in tradition, whilst simultane...
ION Art Gallery Transforms Into A Cultural Melting Pot from Jul 5th 2017 to Jul 29th 2017
At the ION Art Gallery, exhibitions this July showcases a celebration of diverse cultural experiences and cultures forming close bonds when crossing boundaries.D'Asia Art Exchange 5-9 JulyExhibition displays myriad of art pieces fostering appreciation of cultures across Asia.Singapore Cultural Exper...
Benny Ong: Walking the Thought from Aug 4th 2017 to Sep 24th 2017
In celebration of Singapore’s 52nd anniversary of independence, The Private Museum is proud to present Benny Ong: Walking the Thought. This solo exhibition marks the first showcase of works by the renowned fashion designer and textile artist, Benny Ong at The Private Museum. Along with other te...
Masanori Handa: A Palace from Jul 22nd 2017 to Sep 2nd 2017
Tokyo-based artist Masanori Handa's latest works of a large installation and series of drawings, A Palace at the Ota Fine Arts Singapore.
Exhibition at the NET Gallery showcases a collection of Dato' N. Parameswaran during his time as Ambassador of Malaysia to Vietnam containing artworks produced during the period of Indochinese and Vietnam War.Free Admission
At the Suntec City Mall, exhibition showcases calligraphy works by Mr Choo Thiam Siew, who learned calligraphy at 11 years old and trained in Chinese calligraphy under locally renowned Mr Chang Sow Yam.
Northeast Hinterland from Jul 13th 2017 to Jul 23rd 2017
Kevin WY Lee's visual response to land custodianship in Singapore is on display at Objectifs this July, curated by Tom White.
To mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, The Arts House exhibits Sun Chan's 'Joy To The Words: : Visual Playground of Chinese Characters II' featuring over 40 selected pieces of his Chinese-character artworks, including his recent and never-b...
Abode of Dignity by Arin Rungjang from Jul 14th 2017 to Oct 8th 2017
Thai artist Arin Rungjang's Abode of Dignity is featured at the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay showcasing his multimedia installation that is based on his interviews with a driver and musician.
One of Singapore’s most distinguished poets, Edwin Thumboo wrote his first poem, Kelong, in 1949. His work spans more than 50 years, and often chronicles significant moments in Singapore’s history, illustrating our need “to re-inscribe ourselves; discover and, in certain areas, define ourselves as i...
From 1955 to the mid-1970s, Singapore underwent a significant phase in physical development. Not only were infrastructure works such as housing and downtown improvements started, several public buildings of national importance were also planned and constructed. These include the National Library (19...
Boo Junfeng launches Apprentice DVD and exhibition from Jul 27th 2017 to Jul 29th 2017
Apprentice DVD and Exhibition LaunchThu 27 Jul 19:30Objectifs launches Singapore DVD edition of the award-winning film Apprentice by director Boo Junfeng at an intimate exhibition about the film with some of the cast members present. Get the DVD for a special promotional price of $28 on the day of t...
Summer Stockroom Show 2017 from Jun 1st 2017 to Aug 26th 2017
At the ReDot Fine Art Gallery, a stockroom collection of more than 40 paintings of Indigenous artists from various centres in Central and Western Australia.
Light within Ink from Aug 18th 2017 to Sep 18th 2017
At The Arts House, for the first time in Singapore and Southeast Asia, Singaporean photographer and art gallerist Chua Soo Bin presents late Chinese painter Wu Guanzhong life in more than 50 portraits taken between mid-1980s to late 2000s.
Snapshots of A Little Red Dot Photography Exhibition from Jul 30th 2017 to Aug 8th 2017
Singapore may be small, but for many, our island city is full of significance, stories and surprises. The Snapshots of A Little Red is a photography exhibition that celebrates all things Singapore through a common thought and sense of familiarity visually and emotionally.Join us to discover differen...