Theatre & Shows

Workshop + Show: This Will All Be Gone from Mon 20th Feb to Fri 24th Feb
Theatre workshop and production for students aged 14 and above. School students and staff will enjoy planning and rehearsing towards the 45-minute show, a production by Frantic Assembly.
The Studios 2017: With/Out from Thu 23rd Mar to Sun 26th Mar
For the Esplanade's 'Studios 2017' series, this modern interpretation of a 1990s monologue has been conceptualised by Loo Zihan, and was first presented in 2015 as part of the M1 Fringe Festival. The subject matters concerns life as an HIV sufferer living in Singapore.Performance times: Thu-Sat 20:0...
ITSY - The Musical from Fri 24th Mar to Sun 2nd Apr
A musical puppetry show using nursery rhymes to tell the story of a menacing spider, and the characters who set about overthrowing his cruel regime.Performance times: Fri & Sat 20:00, Sun 15:00
Normal from Thu 23rd Mar to Sun 16th Apr
Drama written by Faith Ng and directed by Claire Wong, about schoolgirls who are struggling with their path through the education system. The play stars Julie Wee, Claire Chung and Audrey Teong.Performance schedule: Tue-Fri 20:00, Sat 15:00 & 20:00, Sun 15:00
La Cage Aux Folles from Wed 19th Apr to Sat 13th May
The latest colourful stage production from W!ld Rice is the classic tale of a nightclub owner whose business is in danger of being shut down. Close to 35 years since it premiered on Broadway, winner of 11 Tony Awards, W!LD RICE's Readers' Choice Award for "Production of the Year" 2012 La Cage Aux Fo...
Join the group for a trip to this beautiful story that centres around two characters and a parallel universe – a classic love story with a might-have-been spin.Tickets from Geraldene's Tours.
Detention Katong from Fri 17th Feb to Sun 5th Mar
Musical set in a school, where a straight A student gets sent to detention, changing the course of her school days for good. Stars Neo Swee Lin, Darius Tan, Sebastian Tan and Suhaimi Yusof.Performance times: Tue-Fri 20:00, Sat & Sun 15:00 & 20:00, Sat 25 Feb 20:00Tickets...
Laugh You Long Time from Thu 20th Apr to Sat 22nd Apr
The girls take up the Marina Bay mic for this all-Asian night of mirth, featuring Jenny Yang, Joanne Kam and Sharul Channa, entertaining the audience with anecdotes on family life, love and more.Rated 16+. Tickets from Marina Bay Sands Singapore or sistic.
Comedy at Kallang Theatre, as the UK's Russell Howard picks up the mic for his grand 2017 tour. You might now Howard better for his part writing and starring in his own BBC Three show Russell Howard's Good News, as well as other starring comic roles and travelogues. Brace for a night of laughs!
As part of the Esplanade's SIFAS celebrations, this solo Carnatic recital by Ramakrishnan Murthy is presented in English, Tamil and Hindi.
Impossible Live in Singapore 2017 from Fri 10th Mar to Sun 19th Mar
A magic show to mesmerise audiences at the Kallang Theatre, with six great illusionists performing trickery, magic and stunts.Performance times: Fri 19:30, Sat 14:00 & 19:30, Sun 14:00
Cirque du Soleil: Koozia from Thu 13th Jul to Sun 13th Aug
The stunning circus troupe is back at the Big Top next to Marina Bay Sands, bringing the usual mix of amazing stunts and high-flying spectacles. Kooza comes from the Sanskrit word 'Koza', which means box or treasure. This treasure chest contains more than 50 players, entertaining the audience to a b...
Geronimo Stilton Live In The Kingdom Of Fantasy from Fri 26th May to Sun 28th May
Kids and families will love this stage show of the classic book series at Mediacorp's Theatre. The musical show takes the audience on an adventure through the Kingdom of Fantasy, as he attempts to rescue the Queen of the Fairies.
Being Haresh Sharma from Thu 29th Jun to Sun 2nd Jul
Showcase of the poet's best works over three decades, by The Necessary Stage, directed by Natalie Hennedige. Programme times:Thu-Fri 20:00  /  Sat 15:00 & 20:00  /  Sun 15:00
A tea session for pre-school educators, giving drama tips and ideas for kids' workshops, held in the Black Box Theatre space at The Arts House.RSVP via this form and email it to by 18 Feb 2017.
Pinocchio: A Whale of a Tale! from Sat 8th Jul to Sun 30th Jul
At Far East Square's Pavilion, ArtBeatz presents this childrens' stage show based on the story of the wooden boy with the long nose. Look out for the brilliant stage props made from upcycled items. Performance times Fri 18:00, Sat 15:00 & 18:00, Sun 15:00Email here for weekday or school boo...
A Peter Rabbit Tale from Fri 24th Feb to Fri 14th Apr
Classic tale of the naughty rabbit who steals from a garden. This musical take on the story makes a fun hour for the whole family. Performance times: Weekends 11:00 & 14:00. Weekdays 10:00
Join performer Sid Bowfin (aka Adrian Garratt) as he entertains the younger crowds with a crazy journey through the world of music, giving his own spin on works by Mozart, Vivaldi, Pachelbel and more.Look out for various dates between February and March 2017, link for schedule and details.Tickets th...
Sister Act from Tue 9th May to Sun 21st May
Classic comedy with a failed diva hiding out in a convent after being witness to a crime. Expect singing, dancing and plenty of laughs!Performance times:Tue-Fri 19:30Sat 14:00 & 19:30Sun 13:00 & 18:00Tickets from sistic
Ponniyin Selvan from Fri 28th Apr to Sun 30th Apr
Based on a classic novel, the story is a complex love story set in 960 AD Thanjavur, around Chola king Sundara Chozhar.Performance times Fri 28 Apr 19:00, Sat 29 & Sun 30 Apr 18:00
Constellations from Wed 8th Mar to Sat 25th Mar
This beautiful story centres around two characters, a parallel universe, a classic love story with a might-have-been spin.Tickets from sistic.
The Buds Theatre IN-HOUSE SERIES hosted at The Playtent, aims to make theatre accessible to all. By charging affordable prices and hosting at our own venue, we are able to share new works, expose new talents and create new audiences interested in theatre for change. The idea of the work propose...
What happens to your friends when your own marriage falls apart? This classic stage play is centred around a couple falling apart, and those closest to them.Starring Eleanor Tan, Tushar Ismail, Aizuddiin Nasser and Sharmila Melissa.The show is dished up over two days at 16:00 & 19:00
I Want My Hat Back from Sat 25th Mar to Sun 2nd Apr
From The Players Theatre comes this brilliant stageplay based on the childrens' book by Jon Klassen, about a bear with a missing hat. Hopefully the audience can help him find it!
The Pillowman from Fri 24th Feb to Sun 12th Mar
Here comes the first in the 2017 season of Pangdemonium performances, a tense but darkly comic thriller starring Adrian Pang, Daniel Jenkins and Shane Mardjuki and directed by Tracie Pang.The scene plays out in jail, where a prisoner is being questioned about a series of dubious stories he...
Join this trip with Geraldene's Tours to the first in the 2017 season of Pangdemonium performances, a darkly comic thriller starring Adrian Pang and directed by Tracie Pang.In prison, a prisoner is questioned about a series of dubious stories he has written. As the investigation continues, a wh...
Join Geraldene's Tours for this critically acclaimed stageplay by Tim Firth, an uplifting comedy about the power of community, friendship and what can be achieved when you have passion. Tickets from Geraldene's Tours.
An Esplanade performance of the Hindustani piece for vocal and flute by Kaushiki Chakraborty and Rakesh Chaurasia.In English, Tamil and Hindi.
N Ravikiran presents a Pradarsini concert at the Esplanade's Recital Studio with the Chitraveena.In English, Tamil and Hindi.
An Esplanade performance of Kathak recital Rachna by Indian classical dance artist Rajendra Gangani .In English, Tamil and Hindi.
The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice from Wed 15th Mar to Sun 19th Mar
A chance to see all your favourite characters at Singapore's Indoor Stadium, transformed into an icy arena where Mickey & Minnie, Donald & Goofy and friends can all be found. Rapunzel will be there, as well as Buzz & Woody - and look out for silly Olaf from Frozen.Doors open one hour bef...
A seminar and reading session of works by Burmese poet ko ko thett, from his acclaimed collection 'The Burden of Being Burmese'.Moderated by Alvin Pang; 19:30 in The Living Room.
SOTA presents Double Bill: What if...? and Flock from Thu 23rd Feb to Fri 24th Feb
At the School of the Arts, a double drama bill from 23 to 24 Feb, dealing with such social situations as making decisions, self-discovery and coming to conclusions ourselves. Tickets and more information from here
Noose & Kakis 2... My PSLE Is Better Than Yours from Fri 19th May to Sun 21st May
Theatre comedy from four Singaporean comedians – Kumar, Fakkah Fuzz, Rishi Budhrani and Sam See - has Noose characters wowing the crowds at MES Theatre, Mediacorp, for a three-day run.Perforamance times: Fri 20:00, Sat 14:30 & 20:00, Sun 15:00
Raga - Pallavi in Time by CHOWK Productions from Thu 20th Apr to Sat 22nd Apr
For this pallavi (repeated refrain in music or dance), CHOWK Artistic Director Raka Maitra continues her own journey of exploring music, mood and movement.
A Date With Friends 2017: Family Secrets - Two Heartwarming Stories by... Every Fri, Sat, Sun from Fri 10th Mar to Sun 12th Mar
Esplanade Theatre Studio hosts this stage play written by Haresh Sharma and directed by Peter Sau. In fact this double-bill is two plays in one, centring around the subject of Family - the secrets within and the stories around family members. Performance times: Fri-Sat 20:00. Sun 15:00.
Prism from Thu 23rd Feb to Sun 5th Mar
This play centres around an urban city development official given the task of destroying old buildings to make way for the sinister new – a military weapon centre. A tale of many levels about man's destruction of the old stories in favour of a cold new culture.Performance times 15:00 & 20:00
Top Restaurant: Beijing People's Art Theatre from Thu 23rd Mar to Sun 26th Mar
In the Qing dynasty, a restaurant owner retires and leaves the business to his two sons, but since neither of them have an interest, they leave the place in the hands of capable restaurant assistant Wang Zixi, who sets about turning the business into a thriving success. Then the sons decide to retur...
The king of comedy takes a one-night stand at University Cultural Centre Hall, NUS, covering most aspects of life, the universe and everything. Tickets through sistic.
Hand to God from Wed 19th Apr to Sat 22nd Apr
From Broadway comes this fast-paced comedy, rated 18 and lots of fun!
The Studios 2017: Hope (Harap) from Thu 6th Apr to Sun 9th Apr
Author Haresh Sharma's play, co-produced with Teater Ekamatra for the Esplanade's 'Studios 2017' series and adapted from the 1994 original. The story concerns a family, and the various dramas running through their lives.Performance times: Thu-Sat 20:00, Sat & Sun 15:00
The Studios 2017: This Chord And Others from Thu 30th Mar to Sun 2nd Apr
For the Esplanade's 'Studios 2017' series, a comedy concerning the friendship between three young colleagues. The production is written by Haresh Sharma and directed by Timothy Nga.Performance times: Thu-Sat 20:00, Sat & Sun 15:00
The Studios 2017: Fundamentally Happy from Thu 16th Mar to Sun 19th Mar
For the Esplanade's 'Studios 2017' series, a hard-hitting drama dealing with controversial topics. Written by Haresh Sharma and directed by Nelson Chia.Performance times: Thu-Sat 20:00, Sat & Sun 15:00
Finally She Spoke Thu 27th Apr
Evening performance at the Goodman Arts Centre Black Box, showcasing a series of monologues and dialogues about feminism, from all over the world.
Poultry Tales from Sat 29th Apr to Sun 14th May
For the Year of the Rooster, a timely performance from three stars of classic childrens' stories - a goose, a hen and a chicken all of whom sing and dance their way through an hour of fun.Performance times 10:30 & 14:00
Lao Jiu: The Musical from Thu 6th Apr to Sun 23rd Apr
This classic tale, whose titles translates as "the ninth child", is a story about a boy torn between family loyalty and his own dreams and ambitions.Performances at 14:30 (Fri-Sun) & 20:00 (Tue-Sat)Adult rating. In Mandarin with English subtitles
The Tiger Who Came to Tea from Fri 19th May to Sun 21st May
From the West End to the Red Dot, this is the classic children's stage production about the hungry tiger who turns up at Sophie's house - just in time for a meal. 
Comedy with an Indian slant, as Zakir Khan takes an up-close look at life in modern India. Expect family tales with a twist, some of which you may be all too familiar with.
Another comic event at SOTA, this time with Karthik Kumar leading the night's discussions - about all those things in life that come second best.
Another comic event at SOTA, with comic duo Praveen & Alex bringing comic tales from two very different backgrounds to the Singapore stage.
Those Who Can't, Teach from Thu 9th Mar to Sun 19th Mar
Throughout March, a play performed at Drama Centre Theatre, about school life for teachers and students alike. The production features award-winning set designers and is written by Haresh Sharma, with Alvin Tan directing.Performance times:Wed-Fri 20:00, Sat 15:00 & 20:00. Sun 15:00.
Forbidden City - Portrait of an Empress from Tue 8th Aug to Sun 20th Aug
From Singapore Repertory Theatre, a grand and hugely successful musical about life in The Forbidden City, legendary Empress Dowager Cixi and young concubine Yehenara. Starring Kit Chan and Cheryl Tan, with music by Dick Lee, as well as West End and Broadway stars.Performance times: Tue, Th...
Calendar Girls by Tim Firth from Wed 8th Mar to Sun 12th Mar
Don't miss the critically acclaimed Calendar Girls by Tim Firth, a delightful comedic drama about the triumph of all that is good in human nature overcoming some of the worst things that fate can throw at it. It speaks of the power of community, friendship and what can be achieved when you have pass...
This solo Bharatanatyam recital by young artist Mythili Prakash uses traditional techniques and is played out in English, Tamil and Hindi.
The Golden Cangue from Fri 31st Mar to Sat 1st Apr
Drama and intrigue between families, as Tsao Chi-Chiao marries into the well-heeled Jiang family and enters a world of trouble, only for things to get increasingly worse.Performance times:Fri 31 Mar 20:00  /  Sat 1 Apr 14:30 & 20:00
Bollywood Holi 2017 Sat 18th Mar
A Holi with a Bollywood theme down at East Coast Park, where all sorts of community events are taking place throughout the day, from the usual glorious colours to an array of street food, music, prizes and lots more.