Aquitaine Info

Help with all aspects of living in France: Health Care; Vehicles; Utility companies; Self Employment; Renting or Buying a house, Insurance, Notaires and legal matters, Tax/Financial Services - anything you may need assistance with. Based near Eymet.

Having lived in France since 2004 with my family, I have a good understanding of all the in’s and out’s of living and working in France.

Fluent in French and being both employed and self employed I not only have a broad understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of both lines of work, I know the system, the pitfalls and what you need to prioritise.

My mother being French has helped, although I am English through and through, as you’ll discover when we meet. To discuss what I can do for you whether it be just a helping hand in one particular area or the full package, the first consultation is completely free and without obligation.

Since each client is different, each contract is tailored to the client’s exact needs and is unique to you.

Give me a call, let’s have a chat to see what I can do for you.