Counselling & Therapists

South Aquitaine Therapists & Counselling Services in South Aquitaine.

Léonore Delpeuch
Counselling and psychology practice based in Bordeaux. Consultations by appointment from Monday to Friday.
Camille Grinfeder-Lafargue
Counselling sessions to help adults, adolescents, children and elderly dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, phobia, emotional difficulties, bereavement and disorders.
Diana Odon-Baylac
Psychology practice, offers individual and couples therapy.
Ed Malek
Psychological counseling for adults, couples, family as well as children.
Amy Shelton
Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, specialized in psychopathology and neurodevelopmental disorders. Individual sessions - adults and teenagers. Based in Nansouty (Bordeaux)
Aude Corvisier-Truf
Psychology consultations for adults, children, adolescents and couples. Also offers individual and family therapy.
Katie Gardner
Offers CBT counseling for anxiety, stress, bereavement and depression and more. Works face to face and offers a free initial chat.
Audrey Calvo
Services offered include clinical psychology, psychopathology support and parenting support.
Bernadeta Hodkova
Offers clinical hypnotherapy as well as past life regression therapy.
Leesa Jenkinson
English speaking therapeutic counseling and integrative psychotherapy. Works face to face.
Grégory Van Den Berg
Psychotherapy and psychological support for adults, adolescents and couples dealing with mental and emotional distress.
Pascale Gittler
Individual, couple and group therapy sessions. Practice based in Bordeaux.
Jennifer Millington
Clinical psychologist offers psychoanalytic psychotherapy, supportive psychotherapy, psychological assessments and group therapy. Also offers home consultations. Consultation in English and French.
Stéphanie Morgen
Counselling and therapy for adults, couples and adolescents, specialises in eating disorders and addictions.
Sandrine Dixneuf
Psychology practice catering to adults, children, parents and adolescents.
Nicole Gaines
American psychotherapist with over 11 years of experience, who brings a new approach to counselling to Biarritz; walk and talk therapy in nature.
Axelle Mâder
Clinical psychology, health psychology and positive psychology.