Equestrian: Horses & Riding

Biarritz Racecourse
Fleurs racecourse with regular events and horse racing. Avenue Lac Marion, Biarritz (64).
Horse Laverie
Equine laundry specialists in washing, re-proofing and repairing rugs, blankets, sheets, polaires and numnahs/tapis. Bespoke manufacture of horse rugs and blankets as well as other items such as dog beds and coats. Collection and delivery available.
Centre Equestre Landes
Horse riding lessons for all ages and abilities in different environments. Some English spoken. 1085 Route du Hourn, Ygo-Saint-Surnin (40)
Horse Laverie
An equine laundry service for horse owners and equine business offering washing, rug repairs,re-proofing, disinfection and a collection/delivery service.
Les Etriers dAquitaine
Care and training for horses and riders. At 14 Bis chemin Peyrous, Assat (64).
Centre Equestre Marina
Poly club, riding for all ages. Various styles and routes, including the beach. Mimizan Plage (40)
Hippodrome des Grands Pins
Horse racing track with regular racing and events. 1018 avenue de l Hippodrome, Mont-de-Marsan (40).
La Plaine Du Seque
Horse riding centre specialized in endurance. Also, horse riding lessons, jumping competitions organisation, livery, horse training, tourism activites and horse riding initiation. Catering for confirmed riders and beginners.
Hippodrome de Pau
Pont-Long racecourse. Regular racing and events as well as a training centre. 462 boulevard Cami Salle, Pau (64).
Saint-Paul-les-Dax Racecourse
Horse racetrack at avenue Pierre Benoit, St Paul les Dax (40).
Centre Equestre dOndres
Horse riding lessons and rides in the forest and along the beach. 2650, Avenue de la Plage, Ondres (40)