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Looking for Bed and Breakfast 0 General
I need some B B options as I travel around on my Fresh Bacon run. I'm never sure where I end up. I require plug-...
started by: Donal-O┬┤Leary-891683 · last update: 1493035690 · posted: 1493035690
Chiropodist 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi there  Can anyone recommend a Chiropodist in the Duras to St Foy area
started by: kcharlton · last update: 1492451436 · posted: 1492451436
BREXIT 36 General
Having, at last, sorted out how to access Angloinfo I 'tuned in' yesterday to find out what people were thinking...
started by: Kenneth-10037358 · last update: 1491916196 · posted: 1481969508
CHANNEL 4 - A New Life in the Sun! 0 General
Casting ! A New Life in the Sun is back for a third series on C4!I am looking for any coastal...
started by: Sam Rubinat · last update: 1491575087 · posted: 1491575087
Anyone Selling a house Near Montignac de... 0 General
Does anyone know of a 3/4 bed Period stone house for sale around Lauzan , a pool and up to an acre of garden wou...
started by: rnh-97166 · last update: 1491048404 · posted: 1491048404
River stones 1 General
Hello, just joined and find it very useful. Does anyone know where you can buy river stone for a rock garden. We...
started by: Debra-Kennedy-896588 · last update: 1490806752 · posted: 1490717783
Looking to rental between Ondres & Moure... 0 General
Hello, I've been living/working at the coast for sometime now & ive just landed myself a CDI in Mourenx.&nbs...
started by: Mooca-Mooca-871569 · last update: 1490806339 · posted: 1490806339
Are there many expats in your area? 2 Non-local
Hi everyon...
started by: mayperle · last update: 1490687548 · posted: 1481393609
Expats/Conversation Group in Arcachon 2 General
Hi there,Does anyone know of a meeting group in Arcachon for Anglophone countries' expats, in Arcachon or...
started by: Emilie-Laulan-895390 · last update: 1490447897 · posted: 1489409129
50cc Moped - bring over from UK or purch... 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi everyone,My family owns a holiday home near Bergerac, and for ease of getting around for young ones an...
started by: LivingNearBergerac · last update: 1490184108 · posted: 1489668459
Looking to move to Mimizan 0 General
Hi, As explained in the title, Could anyone give me the heads up on Schools, College, Lycee, My daughter starts ...
started by: martynandmary-792067 · last update: 1486907068 · posted: 1486907068
Joiner/Carpenter Wanted 1 AngloINFO Support
Hi, we are looking for someone to quote for the installation of 2 projects1) A large decking by the river...
started by: Andrew-Leech-862524 · last update: 1486670608 · posted: 1483354481
Woodburner installation 0 Home & Garden
Hi All,Does anyone know how to get hold of an artisan who will come to our house (in Montestrucq) to give...
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1486657181 · posted: 1486657181
Long Term Rental Required 0 Home & Garden
We are seeking a 3 bedroom house preferably detached with dry secure storage (garage/outbuilding) for long term ...
started by: Lost in France-883750 · last update: 1483474578 · posted: 1483474578
Falconry 0 Sport & Leisure
started by: DJC-509176 · last update: 1483370247 · posted: 1483370247
Television repairs 0 Home & Garden
Looking for a reliable tv engineer, I live in Clairac 47320
started by: tonyb-964460 · last update: 1483279797 · posted: 1483279797
Chronopost scam 0 General
Just  a warning at  a time of many parcel deliveries. I have received two emails from "Chronopost" req...
started by: IngB-822615 · last update: 1482517371 · posted: 1482517371
Pellet boilers 0 General
Can anyone recommend any pellet boilers. Any advice on where to buy. Pros and cons please
started by: Lisa-Laisney-866504 · last update: 1482181842 · posted: 1482181842
Open Mike starting 0 Entertainment
started by: John Paul-Shaw-880268 · last update: 1481637187 · posted: 1481637187
So, what made you choose this area? 3 General
started by: thewritersroom-401251 · last update: 1481531259 · posted: 1476105731
Recommendation for a FR---ENG translator... 0 General
Hello, does anyone have any recommendations for a translator for Bayonne area?I am taking 3 French heavy ...
started by: Mooca-Mooca-871569 · last update: 1481284852 · posted: 1481284852
Shopping in Spain 2 Food & Drink
We fancy a shopping trip to Spain pre-Christmas for gifts, clothes and fine wines!  Suggestions please for ...
started by: Eglantine-972792 · last update: 1480509818 · posted: 1476535987
English-speaking doctors in Pau 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi,Could anyone recommend a doctor in Pau with a good level of English? My partner recently sprained thei...
started by: Amy-Rawe-878530 · last update: 1479740743 · posted: 1479740743
Amazon Fire Sticks 0 Entertainment
Does any of this
started by: Geoff64-831081 · last update: 1479556350 · posted: 1479556350
ISB International School of bearn 0 Families & Kids
Hi,We are considering this school for our 14 and 12 year old sons, who have been attending the US system ...
started by: K-M-874418 · last update: 1479067617 · posted: 1479067617
Where have all the adverts gone? 3 General
There used to be pages of ads and it was fun to search thru them, but now, where are they ? Could it be the site...
started by: Bri&Mel · last update: 1476460027 · posted: 1470149197
Could someone kindly advise me how I can... 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I have an ad posted which I wish to update with more information. I cannot see how to do that. I have an iPad mi...
started by: rkmorar-822155 · last update: 1476355762 · posted: 1474557317
Looking for flat to rent from 25 Decembe... 0 General
Hi to everyone I m looking for a flat 2 bedrooms at Biarritz or  around . Please let me know if you have so...
started by: evave-881485 · last update: 1476013431 · posted: 1476013431
Looking for a winter let 0 General
Hello everyone i have just moved to Bayonne today after selling my property in west Paris. ...
started by: Mooca-Mooca-871569 · last update: 1475781679 · posted: 1475781679
Grape picking 1 General
Hi, me and my partner are travelling France and are currently in the Gironde region and have been poking for wor...
started by: Anglaise · last update: 1475600610 · posted: 1471629336
Moving in Biarritz in 3 months 0 AngloINFO Support
started by: Suela-Thomai-870719 · last update: 1474983899 · posted: 1474983899
trouble placing an ad. 2 General
Hi , been trying to place a free ad, have got as far as "we are processing your ad " then it returns to "continu...
started by: Bri&Mel · last update: 1473699418 · posted: 1473524507
Calais Road Block 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
For those of you travelling to Calais in the near future...Protesters near Calais have blocked the A16 so...
started by: Madge · last update: 1473146315 · posted: 1473081007
General courses/training available in Fr... 0 General
In Australia, we have TAFE.  Some countries have community colleges.  I've been trying to find institu...
started by: Gregg-Girling-868582 · last update: 1472829978 · posted: 1472829978
housesitting 0 General
I live in the gets but need a bit of a break - does anybody near the coast need a housesitter for a week or...
started by: Lianne-607131 · last update: 1470915404 · posted: 1470915404
Cheap Ex Display Kitchens West End 0 General
started by: july-jully-865956 · last update: 1470108896 · posted: 1470108896
Chimney sweep 0 General
I live in St Padoux Isaac and need a chimney sweeper who can also provide a certificate please contact on 052430...
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1469628734 · posted: 1469628734
ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome specialists? 6 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi,Does anyone know of an ME/CFS specialist in the les landes region?Thanks in advance,Carm...
started by: carmen-831419 · last update: 1468085023 · posted: 1466613758
BREXIT 0 General
This is a new group set up regarding BREXIT called RIFT - Remain in France together and has some very good infor...
started by: mj-577305 · last update: 1467984792 · posted: 1467984792
Looking for bikes 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I am looking for two bycycles in the Eymet area
started by: salisbury-987614 · last update: 1466700129 · posted: 1466700129
Car sharing back to UK 1 General
Hello, Is anyone going back to the UK who could give me a lift plus some luggage? I'll p...
started by: M Murray · last update: 1466594300 · posted: 1460889578
Bobby - border collie cross seeking adop... 0 Pets & Animals
started by: maryjane-599094 · last update: 1465916522 · posted: 1465916522
Inheritance Tax for Non Residents 2 Financial & Legal
Hi,I am English my wife is a French lady.
started by: Factseeker · last update: 1465487856 · posted: 1464980225
2nd hand alternator 0 AngloINFO Support
Can anyone tell me where I can walk into and buy a 2nd hand alternator for a Ford Transit 2003.  2.4 in Ner...
started by: lazyboy-613628 · last update: 1465212355 · posted: 1465212355
Getting a car moved to Hampshire, UK by ... 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I have a VW Passat which needs re-commissioning, no valid CT , no current insurance  so considering having ...
started by: Cobham-823015 · last update: 1463821554 · posted: 1463816067
Homemade Cakes 0 Food & Drink
I had a successful cake business in the UK before retiring to the Dordogne. I would like to offer homemade cakes...
started by: gturn8 · last update: 1462099091 · posted: 1462099091
Beekeeping Group 0 Pets & Animals
started by: Gregg-794694 · last update: 1461744527 · posted: 1461744527
Looking for registered overseas British ... 0 Financial & Legal
Hi there!I have been trying to register to vote in the upcoming elections/referendum in the UK, but m...
started by: Alexander-Mootoo-857147 · last update: 1461276776 · posted: 1461276776
Secondary school with art specialism 0 Families & Kids
HelloWe are thinking of moving south of Pau and are looking for schooling options for our daughters. &nbs...
started by: Sheppalo · last update: 1460640484 · posted: 1460640484
Mobile Home or Static Caravan Transport 0 General
At the end of last week these people delivered a mobile home for me.
started by: G&N-561546 · last update: 1459080573 · posted: 1459080573