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Is there any way to delete or edit posts 8 AngloINFO Support
on this website?   rod
started by: whynagg-833386 · last update: 1523021923 · posted: 1351279847
Gendarme murdered in Carcassonne 0 General
I have never been a fan of Policing in France. I have never thought that driving around six to a van was good polic
started by: Kenneth-10037358 · last update: 1521885976 · posted: 1521885976
S1 and medical costs 3 General
Looking for genuine, unambiguous information having received various contradictions.I am on an S1, Carte Vitale but
started by: innit-922908 · last update: 1521577413 · posted: 1519597202
Transporting books from UK to S. Aquitaine 2 General
I'm looking to transport a couple of boxes of books from UK (Cambridge) to near Dax for a friend who is having to r
started by: rosa-462319 · last update: 1521384964 · posted: 1517420968
Long term rental 3 General
We’re a family of 5 (2 adults, 7 yr old twin girls and a 4 yr old boy) with no pets looking for a house for l
started by: steakaupoivre-615985 · last update: 1519628857 · posted: 1453241389
Billionaire takes over at Biarritz olympique... 0 Sport & Leisure
I have heard this mentioned recently and hope that a much needed imput of cash into this great and historic rugby c
started by: itinerant child-414831 · last update: 1518344799 · posted: 1518344799
Internet Shopping 8 General
Which are the best shops on-line to buy a washing machine? I've never shopped on-line in France before. Any advi
started by: Pierre-823282 · last update: 1517041173 · posted: 1220380956
Expats/Conversation Group in Arcachon 5 General
Hi there,Does anyone know of a meeting group in Arcachon for Anglophone countries' expats, in Arcachon or close?If
started by: Emilie-Laulan-895390 · last update: 1516665357 · posted: 1489409129
Underweight Hedgehogs 0 Pets & Animals
Anyone have any details of where underweight Hedgehogs can be looked after in the Dordogne?    WE are oft
started by: Galindo · last update: 1516182335 · posted: 1516182335
Reliable laundry places for gites 0 General
Hi dear members,I am looking for a recommendation from gites owners.  Do you know of reliable place close to I
started by: Milka-858919 · last update: 1515583669 · posted: 1515583669
Medical certificates. 22 General
Having just joined a bike club I have, once again, needed to go to my doctor to have a medical examination to obtai
started by: Kenneth-10037358 · last update: 1514967042 · posted: 1509523021
English mechanics needed 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Looking for recommendations for an English mechanic in the South Aquitaine area please.  Preferably between Ba
started by: salwebb · last update: 1514891945 · posted: 1514891945
C.T. - Cost? 6 Cars, Bikes & Driving
How much does a CT cost (for a car)?
started by: Dave W-839 · last update: 1513200499 · posted: 1504867591
Safest way to sell car if your bank is online? 5 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I'm with a wholly online bank - there are no branches.  I've seen a number of recommendations to sellers of ca
started by: Gregg-Girling-868582 · last update: 1513200340 · posted: 1509379413
Christmas Fair 0 Sport & Leisure
Dame Bertrande welcomes you for its 3rd Christmas fairat the Echo venue (on the domain’s grounds).Adress: Domaine
started by: DAME BERTRANDE-DOMAINE-915304 · last update: 1511779150 · posted: 1511779150
Home boarding for dogs 1 Pets & Animals
Hi, we are moving to Sauveterre-de-Guyenne and Im looking for recommendations for someone to look after our two lab
started by: Kerry-Rhodes-910084 · last update: 1511422268 · posted: 1506176168
Snowdrop Bulbs 1 Home & Garden
Is it possible to buy them here and if so where, would like to plant quite a lot so bulk buy preferably.
started by: Sarah CW · last update: 1506555435 · posted: 1506271902
Chambre D'Hotes and Wedding Venue 1 General
Hello Members, Myself and my family currently live in the Var region of Provence where we have been for 14 yea
started by: gypsyclaire-201363 · last update: 1506078036 · posted: 1505754549
Rabies Booster for Dog 2 Pets & Animals
Is my friend correct that a rabies booster for our dog only lasts a year if given in France but if we have her boos
started by: spitfire-182482 · last update: 1505296259 · posted: 1505115325
urgently need boxes for removal of house... 1 Home & Garden
Hello does anyone know where I can get  the "fold up" type removal cardboard boxes please??need them as soon a
started by: lotkate47-878501 · last update: 1504643445 · posted: 1497930754