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looking for a cartoonist 0 General Started by: rhone1 · Updated: 1634952978 · Created: 1614186194
I am looking for a cartoonist can anyone help please thanx Shirley
FB group for expats in Agen & Lot-et-Garonne 0 General Started by: Kloey · Updated: 1631694084 · Created: 1631694084
Good morning,If you wish to join a (soon to be) lively FB group for expats in Agen and Lot-et-Garonne : https://www.face
The Old Normal 0 General Started by: Samual-Vimes-1003158 · Updated: 1631190783 · Created: 1631190783
Anyone out there wanting to discuss what’s going on now.North Lot et Garonne.
Tai Ch'i 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Doodlebird · Updated: 1626775026 · Created: 1626775026
Hi there. I live near Eymet, Lot et Garonne and am looking for a qualified Tai Ch'i teacher for private lessons in my ho
Moving back to the UK 0 General Started by: Sally-Webb-997281 · Updated: 1624547423 · Created: 1624547423
Looking for recommendations for local French removal firms (South Aquitaine, 64300 area) to relocate back to the UK. Tha
Paint 0 General Started by: jay-mardell-976510 · Updated: 1608400908 · Created: 1608400908
HelloHas anyone used loxxo paint? If so is it ok. It’s reasonably priced in bazar. For french paint that is.I am a pai
Importing a deactivated WW1 firearm from... 0 Sport & Leisure Started by: Ian-ROGERS-976380 · Updated: 1605539817 · Created: 1605539817
Hi all, does anybody know if this is possible, I am struggling to find info and all usual couriers have firearms on thei
For all Singers and wanabee Singers 0 Entertainment Started by: · Updated: 1602752308 · Created: 1305141796
Hello everyone, We are holding a singing workshop the last week-end of July in Bonas 32410. A great week-end for singer
Waste of time! 4 General Started by: Kenneth-10037358 · Updated: 1598517031 · Created: 1575012713
Cat sitter wanted. 0 Pets & Animals Started by: Kenneth-10037358 · Updated: 1597346059 · Created: 1597346059
Anyone out there who would like to stay in our house in the Pays Basque and look after our cats then please give me a ca
Energy consultant 0 Home & Garden Started by: Emma-Spary-966022 · Updated: 1594716855 · Created: 1594716855
Hi there, I'm new to the forum. I joined because I am in the process of buying a large house in Aquitaine which needs re
Education.. 0 Families & Kids Started by: Rachael -Bell -917881 · Updated: 1592837807 · Created: 1592837807
I was just wondering if there is a demand for a private bilingual school in the Poitiers area? For ages TPS-CE2.
Surfboard rental in Biarritz 1 Sport & Leisure Started by: Martin-DUPONT-960325 · Updated: 1588271319 · Created: 1588271279
Hello,Do you know a good surfboard rental in Biarritz?
House and pet sitter wanted 0 Pets & Animals Started by: petesat-833264 · Updated: 1581543393 · Created: 1569450156
Register a trike 0 Sport & Leisure Started by: bonne sante · Updated: 1581543392 · Created: 1564510764
Hi all, I have a Piaggio MP3 300LT (trike). I drive it on my car licence in the U.K., and have been driving 39 years, I
Looking for good plumber and plaquiste Location... 1 Home & Garden Started by: Giselle-Halleux-954034 · Updated: 1580380991 · Created: 1579972363
Looking for good plumber and plaquiste Location of our space is in Biarritz. We need someone as soon as possible.Send me
Is there any way to delete or edit posts 9 AngloINFO Support Started by: whynagg-833386 · Updated: 1576164221 · Created: 1351279847
on this website? rod
Brexit 0 General Started by: Kenneth-10037358 · Updated: 1574838382 · Created: 1574838382
Well, It looks as if Jeremy has truly blown it and we will be out of the E.U.very soon. at last the will of the people w
French divorce in Pays Basque 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Nicholas Copeland · Updated: 1571400081 · Created: 1571400081
Just asking if anyone is familiar with a good divorce lawyer who is bilingual in english around Biarritz/Anglet/Bayonne?
Free holiday? 0 General Started by: Kenneth-10037358 · Updated: 1569090405 · Created: 1569090405
Anyone like to have a completely free holiday in the Pays Basque (Biarritz area)? Yes there is a catch, you would have t