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on this website?   rod

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Hi, we are looking for someone to quote for the installation of 2 projects1) A large decking by the river front2) A raised decking at 1st floor levelThe property is in Casseneuil 47440

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Dear All. I would appreciate your help since I will be moving in 3 months in Biarritz and my french is so poor. I am working as accountant assistant in Dubai and in 3 months I will join my fiance in Biarritz. Can you suggest me any English job during the time I will be improving my french. Looking forward to read your suggestion.ThanksSuela  

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Can anyone tell me where I can walk into and buy a 2nd hand alternator for a Ford Transit 2003.  2.4 in Nerac or Condom.Urgently!

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hello, can't get the 10 day forecast to display - comes up with: Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8' Object required: 'DocumentElement.SelectSingleNode(...)' /weather/Default.asp, line 67 same problem on normandy site Any ideas? thanks audi

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The new format of anglo info no longer fits my screen as it is too wide. Is there a way of changing it so I don't have to keep going from side to side.Neville

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Dear Admin Can you please tell me how to quote in a posting. I see Tom24 did it here: http://aquitaine.angloinfo.com/forum/topic.asp?page=2&topic_id=2057

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Is it possible to have an RSS feed on a per forum basis rather than site wide ? thanks

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How do I delete a topic I have placed on AngloINFO? Many Thanks

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Messages to you are bouncing. Please contact Forum Administration aquitaine.forums@angloinfo.com .-----Forums Administrationaquitaine.forums@angloinfo.com

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Help Admin I cant seem to log out...

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Hello Admin. Are you having a celebration or something? Why the candle and balloons? Why were we not told?

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Greetings, I am a new Angloinfo user and a relatively new computer user as well. Is there a "guide" or help section of the website that outlines the sites various features. Although I HAVE managed to post messages in the forum (which is an accomplishment for me), I'm sure there is much more to Angloinfo than I have discovered. Cheers, _______ F.Scott

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If I want to change something in a posting I've made, what can I do? Many thanks.

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