Is there any way to delete or edit posts

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on this website?   rod

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Classified: It is not possible to delete a Classified but you can mark it as “Sold” or “Withdraw” the item from sale in the My Postings section of My AngloINFO. You can also edit your original Classified to let others know the reason for the withdrawal or thank them for their interest, if relevant.

1. Click on My AngloINFO

2. Select My Postings

3. Select Classified

4. Scroll to the posting you wish to edit and click Edit

You can now edit the details or mark it SOLD, etc

Discussions: It is not possible to edit/delete a topic yourself but if something has changed please reply to your topic with the new information.

whynagg-833386 1351282952

My question was pertaining to personal posts I make in discussion groups?

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See above!

fjodorhilpert 1452837332

It is such a shame you cannot delete your discussion. I am planning to enter a new industry completely opposite to the discussion I posted years ago. Now when you enter my name, people still think I am into Real Estate.


Ive already edited my personal settings and privacy, but it does not take that away from Google.


Azropia-Sharp-897402 1491784374

it does not work there is nowhere to edit my post. i went through these steps over and over and i see no where i can edit my post. 

Forum Admin 1491859397

You can no longer edit your own postings.

Please email with your amendments.

Susan-Porkovich-Lopez 1519637042

Its absurd that you can no longer edit or withdraw your posts. In particular, the classified posts.Marking things as sold is very confusing to potential buyers. While I understand there may be reasons for this change, you should at lest have a withdraw or amended button.

Mark-Tomlinson-863582 1523021922

how do i delete my post? when my post isn't showing in my postings?

Learn-Light-951118 1576164220

How can I edit my post? Do I send an email to this address: Thank you

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