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Looking for recommendations for an English mechanic in the South Aquitaine area please.  Preferably between Bayonne and Pau.  Tia.

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How much does a CT cost (for a car)?

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I'm with a wholly online bank - there are no branches.  I've seen a number of recommendations to sellers of cars to meet the buyer at your bank, to safely bank cash funds and then hand over keys, which in this instance isn't possible. Any recommendations on a means of doing this that ensures both parties has some security?  Ideally I'd furnish the buyer with my RIB and they could  simply transfer funds in advance, but I worry in that buyers might be concerned  that they'd not get the car.

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Hello, I've recently brought an Astra 55 plate from the UK. Everything was fine until it started making a weird diesel noise coming from the timing belt. All of the little garages in bordeaux are shutting for August and Opel told me the timing belt distributor needs changing and  gave me a ridiculous price I cannot pay. I was hoping someone could please help me, I will order all of the parts I just need someone to change it all for me. I live in the center of Bordeaux. Thank you 

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Hi everyone,My family owns a holiday home near Bergerac, and for ease of getting around for young ones and when not wanting to hire a car, we have been thinking of getting a 50cc scooter. There seem to be pros and cons of buying in the UK or France, and was wondering if anyone else has done this and has advice/suggestions? Thanks a lot!

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I have an ad posted which I wish to update with more information. I cannot see how to do that. I have an iPad mini. Thanks

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For those of you travelling to Calais in the near future...Protesters near Calais have blocked the A16 so access to the Calais port/Eurotunnel is very limited today (Monday 5 Sept 2016). The protesters are demanding that the French government set a date by which "The Jungle" camp in Calais will be dismantled and cleared, and vow to protest until a date is set, so it's unknown at the moment when it will be called off. Alternative routes are suggested by Eurotunnel. See their website for information. Safe travels.

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I am looking for two bycycles in the Eymet area

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I have a VW Passat which needs re-commissioning, no valid CT , no current insurance  so considering having it trailered to the UK.  Would anyone know such a service - I am now back in the UK for last two years and car is parked in southern Dordogne , literally in a side street for last 12 months.

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Just had my Defender collected repaired and returned.By this Chap.All I had to do was phone he did tue rest.His number 0768 808016

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Hi there I have an 2007 Astra 1.8 twin top that I'm trying to register in France and have one last issue  to overcome before I go to the expense of paying for a CoC (even though vauxhall have told me I don't need one!) The D2 "type" field on the carte gris doesn't seem to have an equivalent entry on the V5 (It's blank) and I'm hoping that someone who might already have one registered can share that code with me from your carte grise?Thanks in advanceBob

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Do you want to see the speed limits cut from 90 to 80 kph on route nationals and 130 to 120 kph on motorways?  The government is about to test it out in certain regions.  If you would like to sign a petition against this move, join the 1 million+ people who have already had their say and go to http://www.liguedesconducteurs.org/non_a_la_baisse_des_limitations_de_vitesse.  it is in French but you will get the idea!

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I have a UK motorhome which I would like to bring to France oin a permanent basis.  Do I need to jump through hoops?  If so, which ones?  Thank you in advance and in hopeful anticipation

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good morning.  anyone know the cost/process for matriculation of a car. thanks.

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Hi.  We have been in the Middle East for a few years but will be demobilising back to the UK in August, taking our 2 year old Touareg with us.  It won't be there for long, however, as in October we wish to drive it to France (Salies de Bearn) and register it there.  Does anyone have any useful info for us?  It is petrol, 2 years old, and in perfect condition.   They drive on the right in Qatar, so it is all set up for right hand use of the road.   Many thanks for any information you can give us!

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Hi we are staying overnight in Bayonne having travelled through Spain the day before. Is it better please to take the auto route from Bayonne direction Pau then the A65 to Marmande and Bergerac? The N road north to Bergerac is perhaps a little more difficult with traffic and lack of overtaking? Then on the way back to Collioure the A20 from Brive pass Toulouse and then Perpignan? Finally I have forgotten the name of the town in the hills above Toulouse which is the home of French 'white' garlic.  Would love to stay there for one night on the way back.  Hope someone can help   thanks  

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Has anyone had any dealings with this company? We have just received the most appalling service from them when my daughter broke down on Tuesday night. She was stuck at the side of a road from 10.10 pm until 2.30 am finally being taxied to a local hotel at 3am. During that time she was not contacted by the breakdown service until 2.30 and this only happened after my fourth phonecall to them.  I spent yesterday trying to make an official complaint, I made a further 4 telephone calls, spoke to a different person each time who all assured me they would call me back with information about the car, email me a complaints form, get a manager to call me. NONE of this happened and each time I rang back the person who I wanted to speak to was not at their desk/gone home/unavailable.  I have now given up and we are dealing with the french office who have been very helpful. Have we just been unlucky? Would welcome any comments from others who have used them.   

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Has anyone any USEFUL information as to the importing of vehicles over 30 years old from Canada?. I am aware of the problems associated with US car imports. Would vehicles from Quebec be easier ,as everything would be in French? Would welcome any information.

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Hi all,   Just wondered if anyone knows of a mechanic or garage who specialises in campervans around the biscarrosse area. I live in sanguinet and have a problem with my 1983 T25 volkswagon campervan.  

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I have been quoted nearly one thousand euros for a service by Mercedes.  Another garage has quoted me just over 300 and say they have all the equipment needed to carry out the gear box oil change and to change filters, etc.  Mercedes say it takes special systems to carry out the vidange and not all garages can do it.  Has anyone heard this before?  I had it carried out by a non-Mercedes garage once before and the car was fine with all systems set back to normal and the service counter updated.  I am now wondering if I have harmed the car in any way.

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