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Hello everyone, We are holding a singing workshop the last week-end of July in Bonas 32410. A great week-end for singers and non singers alike. No singing solo, unless you want to, and non readers of music are the norm. So if you haven't sung since you were at school or the shower & want a cheap weekend of fun, & raise money for charity at the same time have a look at our website www.singforfun.eu.

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We are travelling to a campsite in area around Biscarrosse. We have a 60cm satellite dish. Will this size dish be sufficient to pick up UK TV. Thank you for any assistance received.

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The 64 Players are holding their Annual Summer Variety Show at the Golf Club in Salies de Bearn on Sunday 2 July. Bring a picnic from midday and enjoy an afternoon of song, dance, drama and verse in both French and English. Fun for all the family.

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Where are the best locations for live music around Pau?  Pubs, clubs, restaurants - I would be interested to hear about them all, including open mic nights.  Thanks

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Does any of this gibberish mean anything to anyone?What would it give me?And would it work in France?Many thanks..

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I'm based near Castillonnes (47330) and an intermediate lonely guitar player. I'm looking to start a band for fun - maybe some gigs down the line if we're up to it. Anyone interested? Singer(s), bass/guitar player, drummer, or any suitable instrument.   Please email morriebund@gmail.com or phone Maurice on 0553 491325

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I have been told that Christmas markets have been cancelled in France following the tragic events in Paris.  Is this true?  I hope not, I would not like these killers to think they have won in any way.

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Hi All, I am looking for a company that will provide Wedding catering at our house in Montestrucq, Near Orthez next year (end of May) for around 40-50 people. Anyone know of any companies? Thanks.

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We are looking for somewhere to double as a private boarding school (so think Dead Poet's Society ... wood panelling, traditional etc).  Large manor houses are a possibility or Chateau  The entire film takes place within this location.  Please send me a private message if you think  your property will be suitable. Filming will take place in March 2016 for approx. 3 weeks.

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Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documentary. At the moment it is just in the research phase so I'm just looking to talk to some people and find out more about the reasons they might move.  Thanks and all the best,  Ellie Gibbs ellie.gibbs@libertybell.tv    020 7598 7209

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With the rugby world cup coming up, I've been thinking about buying a portable internet radio.. but I believe that  earlier this year the BBC changed the format it transmits its content in so that it no longer works with many existing internet radios. More here. Is anyone up to speed with the current situation? I'm reluctant to buy one of these radios if the goalposts are being moved.  Thanks Geoff  

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I havent been to the Fete de Bayonne before and wondered if there are any particular things I should look out for - or avoid?  Where is the best place to be at the opening for instance, and where is the best vantage point or fireworks and other events?  What about parking?  Feeling a bit lost and apprehensive.

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Does anyone know of any country western clubs in the region?  I miss my Friday night two-steps and line dancing

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I have always wanted to go to a casino but have no idea how to dress, what sort of money is the minimum bet, are they shady or fun?  Any insight would be helpful

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Does anyone know if this film has been released yet in France?   

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Hi I remember watching stilt racing in the streets of Mimizan Plage in the late 1970s and early 1980s Though I have returned a few times since I have never seen it again. Does anyone know what dates that this could be seen again this year?

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Each sunday the battle to be the EXpat EXpert kicks off at 18.30 on The EXpat Show    You can be a contestant live in the studio or on the phone from your own fireside Last sunday's show had the first contestants in round one-   http://www.mixcloud.com/XPatshow/theexpatshow11january2015/ Send your name to livemusicfrance@gmail.com      It could be your name on the trophy

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In March next year, I intend to St Jean de Luz to live with my French girlfriend. She can speak both English and French so anyone interested in meeting once in a while over a drink to have an informal chat and share your expat experience? There’s quite a few good irish pubs in Bayonne/Biarritz!! Look forward to hearing from you Denis & Marianne    

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Hi folks - advance notice The Gersabelles will be singing on Saturday 6 September at 7.30pm in the Eglise Evangelique Methodiste,  252 Av 34Ème R, Mont de Marsan.   The Gersabelles (based in the Gers - beautiful ladies!) is an international group of ladies who like to sing, under the direction of Sue Kibbey (now Treeby), a former Jazz singer. We are English, French, Dutch, German, American, Chinese and our repertoire includes Paper Moon, The Rose, The Ryhthm of Life and more. Hope to see lots of you there!

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