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I was just wondering if there is a demand for a private bilingual school in the Poitiers area?   For ages TPS-CE2. 

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Hi, we are a French Finnish couple with 6 and 8 years old children who speak Finnish and French. They have started speaking English as they joined a British school 1 year ago when we moved to the USA, after 5 years of French schooling in France. We like Biarritz and we are considering moving there in 2 years. But we haven't found any international school or section within the school for English other than Les Enfants de la Ruche, which stops at 11y old.Would you happen to know one school where they could continue and improve both their French and English, and meet French and English speaking friends, in primaire and college?Thanks in advance for your help

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Hi,We are considering this school for our 14 and 12 year old sons, who have been attending the US system for the past 5 years. I found very little amount of reviews and all the reviews were rather old (2008). I understand that since 2008 the school has moved to new premises etc....What is your current opinion of the school (good and bad - why)? I am not interested in the comparison with local French schools, i am interested in the quality of the teaching and the outcome after the students graduate (level, access to non-French universities, access to French universities.Thank you!

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Hi everybody, We're moving to the BAB area next Summer, we have 2 kids, 9 and 6 yrs old. We lived in Canada and Ireland before, and we've been in Italy for the last 10 years (we're Italian originally). We'd like to meet other families with kids in the area, and hear about their experiences in BAB. Cheers, Diego  

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HelloWe are thinking of moving south of Pau and are looking for schooling options for our daughters.  Does anyone know of a school with an art specialism? We are looking for somewhere that is not the highest academic level but with plenty of art (at a high level). She is happy to live away during the week.Any ideas of specific schools or suggestions on how I can progress my search?We don't know the French system as we are currently in the francophone Belgian system (we are English).Many thanks in advance.

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Hi, I am an American and together with my French husband we are looking to relocate to the Biarritz area. We are currently expecting our first child, and before making a decision on the move we would like to get more information about bilingual English/French schools in the area that we can send our kids to. I am having a hard time finding information, and the closest school I found seems to be 1h30mins away by car in Béarn, which does not seem reasonal. Does anyone know of bilingual schools closer by? Very much appreciate the help! Shannon

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Hello We are thinking of moving from Paris to Biarritz and I wondered if there are any bilingual schools where children who are brought up bilingually can attend and study the French Curriculum/International/UK Curriculum in a bilingual environment from Maternelle to 18? My daughter is maternelle age. Thanks! Jill  

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Just wondering: how does one go about registering a child for school during the summer holidays?

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What is the process for registering a death here in France please.  Any assistance would be welcome.  Thank you

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We are looking to move to the Salies de Bearn / Orthez region and have 2 children aged 8 and 6. Does anyone have any experience of the schools in the region? I am finding it very hard finding any information at all about the schools. Thanks for any help!

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Does anyone know how I go about arranging home care for my elderly aunt who lives alone and is finding it hard to manage?  Thank you

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Hi all, I am moving to the South Aquitaine soon, it's following the traditional love story, my boyfriend is from France and I'm the super damsel in distress because i know not how to learn French by myself. I am, however, playful and find it easier to learn from children and also teach with what knowledge i have. I volunteered at a primary school in east London for 6 months. If anyone is in need of an au pair ora helping hand do let me know. I am impatient to learn French but also scared.   Kind regards.

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Has anyone managed to persuade their children's school to give extra french lessons after school?  It seems such a worthwhile idea but I cannot get the school to adopt it.

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Does anyone know of a new years eve event suitable for all the family?  Fireworks, music, whatever?  Near Biarritz preferably.  Thank you

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My grandchildren are coming to stay - any bright ideas as to how to keep them occupied and entertain them over the holiday please?  They are usually here in the summer when it is much easier.

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Am I able to claim child care benefits from the UK whilst living in France?  It's all in the EU so I wondered if it was allowed?

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If you have failed a subject in your BAC are you able to take just that subject again next year! And keep your passes from this year?  if so can you go back to school for just the relevant classes?

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Hi Does anyone know of any reputable children's clubs in and around Pau for the summer break please?  

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Hi, I'm having a birthday party for my 3 year olds this Sunday and want to play a game with water bombs/balloons. (You know the tiny ones). Can you buy them in France and where? I've looked at Carrefour in St Jean de luz. Thanks

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