carte de sejour permanent

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any info on applying for a carte de sejour permanent?

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Ferney-France 1497357775

There's info about how to get permanent residency here

Hope that helps!

Kenneth-10037358 1499713716

Just why do you feel the need for a carte de sejour? They were discontinued as a requirement many years ago and as far as I'm aware there is no need for one at all. If I am wrong I would welcome being enlightened.

chèvrefeuille 1502353959

Many people believe that having a Carte de Séjour (EU) will give them additional security after Brexit. Like you I believe that they are mistaken as the card will then only be valid for citizens of other EU countries. 

Kenneth-10037358 1502870640

Yes I agree with you. I suppose the idea is that with a document stating one is a resident ( Carte de Séjour ) there is a forlorn hope it will convey status once Britain is out of the E.U.

Interesting times ahead! March 2019 is the exit date ( for now anyway!)

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