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Hi - I want to change my Notaire and wondered if anyone knows how to go about this.  I'm guessing it won't be easy, so any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Anonymous 1444929246

We changed notaire recently and it was as easy as going into the office of a new one and telling them we wanted them to act on our behalf.  Gave them the name of the previous one and they arranged for our files to be sent to them. 

Doodlebird 1444931409

Brilliant...I expected there to be a mass of red tape and 'severence' fee!  Thanks for coming back to me.

Fish24 1444986077

Be aware that your old notaire will send your dossiers, files, etc. and his honoraires to your new notaire who will also pass on his honoraires to you (transfer relating to change of notaires, address, etc. to the relevant administrations.

Doodlebird 1444991661

Thanks very much... most appreciated.

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