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Has anybody heard if the law about ex.pats being able to write their own wills here in France to dispose of their property as they wish.I thought it was supposed to become law here at the end of last month but as far as I can see it seems to be a 'grey area' and now is rumoured to be the end of next month.Thanks for any info  Bob and Chris

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Moriarty 1437165099

Anyone can write their own will ... but it's always better with some legal help or via a notaire to ensure that it cannot be challenged.  From mid-August, however, you can specify that you wish the law from your homeland to be applied to your French estate so that you can dispose of it as you wish.  Prior to August, French inheritance law would take precedence and thus children would have to be accommodated.  But if you wanted to disinherit your children, or stepchildren, then you can now specify that UK law is applied to the whole of your estate and thus can leave it to the cats' home.  However, French taxes may apply (but they would anyway).  

I've already consulted a notaire but he said that, whilst notaires are aware of this new law, they do not have enough information to know exactly what to write as the applicable sentence.  I'd be interested to hear from anybody who's had a will done according to this new formula.

Bobandchris 1438015837

To Moriiarty,Many thanks for your reply re.inheritance changes.

the frenchman 1438594368

ref to english wills taking preference will only apply to residents not holiday homes the law was to take effect from 17/08/15 notaires will be confused for a long time over changes.

so if you make out your english will & a document stating your eng,will to take precedence this document ideally in french.

hope this helps.

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