Legality of Non-EU Artist Holding "Open Studio" Events To Sell Art

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I am seeking information on whether it is acceptable, under the terms of a Carte de Sejour, for a Canadian artist to sell art she has created in France, during "Open Studio" events, at her home studio in Serres Morlaas. If anyone has information or experience in this area I would be most grateful to hear from you. Ross D Smith, Serres Morlaas

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Jay0843 1455223963

I have a worlwide art business, although I am european and can sell art here indefinitely without a carte de sejour, It's my understanding that with a carte de sejour you can too. As long as you declare the income it where you are a tax resident it shouldnt be a problem. 1455308965

Thanks for your comments Jay. Can you suggest what agency I might contact for a definitive answer to my question?

I would be interested in hearing about your art business. 

Jay0843 1455311400

I would contact the Maison Des Artistes, I'm sure they could help. I am under them for my social side of things, and they are the organisation which controls all of the Artist professions in France.


I run an art business online, we have two online shops and sell our art worldwide, but 90% of sales are in the US. We have just branched out into Amazon Handmade for prints of our work. My wife also sells original impressionist oil paintings, mainly wildlife. This is relatively new, but going well.

Regards, Jay


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