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Do I need an advocat or a Notaire if I want to change my Will?  Any recommendations for a good English speaking one?

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Fish24 1452364356

Funny question.  Why don't you go back to the original Notaire? Avocats are lawyers in the French judicial system or you might like to look here for English-speaking Notaires near to you:-

sandyns 1452593160

Why is ths a funny question?  The original Will was done in U.K.  I don't know whether I need to go to a Notaire or an advocat.  

Moriarty 1452670837

If your will isn't a traditional one where children have an automatic right - and you're asking to have UK law applied so this overrides French obligations - then yes, you do need a notaire to ensure you get it right.  Husband and I have both made wills with UK law applied so that children/stepchildren don't get a look-in.  I went to a French notaire but, to make things easier, I drew a diagram with names/addresses/relationships - kind of like a flow-chart so if "X dies half goes to Y and the other half goes to Z" kind of thing .... that really helped.  My French is good but the notaire really appreciated the diagram.

What you're after is a will in French but with a sentence that reads that, quoting Article 22 of European Regulation 650/2012 you want UK law to be applied, being the law of your nationality".  And, if you have a UK will (for property or assetse in teh UK) do make sure that's identical in terms of the provisions of who gets what.

sandyns 1452679346

Thank you moriarty, that is really helpful

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