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i have a dispute with a pool supplier.  can anyone recommend an English speaking lawyer please?

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How do I go about finding an arbitrator?  I have been supplied a product which has been installed by the contractor and I have since found out it is not what I specified in the contract.  I feel it might be detrimental to the job. 

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I would like to know legally if there is a provision to buy a property with say three quarters of the asking price and then enter into a credit agreement with the owners to pay the balance on certain due dates but to take possession of the property. In this instance the buyers have been refused a loan from the bank but the sellers would prefer to take the cash available and enter into some legally binding contract to pay the rest. Many thanks.

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Does anyone know of a good source of information in English?  I would like to find out more about this tax.  Thank you

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Just wondering if there are any tax exemptions for second home owners in France when they turn 60?  The big six o is fast approaching! 

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How do I register to vote in the next U K elections? 

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in talking to people here it is becoming evident that I am not the only person to find that their cash has reduced more quickly than they thought.  Has anyone found a bank willing to give loans based on pension plans for example?  I can access and cash in a pension fund in April but could do with an input of cash to tide me over the next few months.

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Hi, we have recently moved to the villeneauve -sur-lot area. Does anyone know FOR SURE how tax d'abitation is assessed. I.e. exactly what rooms are counted and discounted. Does land area come into it and does your personal income have any impact from the previous occupant. ? Thanks for any facts you may know. Stephanie.

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i need an English speaking notaire - any recommendations?  Many thanks

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We are currently buying a property, the long and short of things the money was transfered in 4 payments [due to amount allowed by bank] The notaire says they recieved the first [deposit] the second has gone missing 25 days now . The 3rd and 4th have been recieved. Every time we visit or call the notaire we get told [we have just checked]? We have contacted our bank who say it could take 3 weeks to retreval but not guaranteed. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions would be helpful, Desperate/worried is an understatement.

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Is it possible to pay tax fonciere and tax d'habitation in monthly installments?  These are big old lumps to come out over a couple of months. Fingers are crossed!

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Just a heads up to people out there.   I heard of a case today of a couple where one has recently died and the survivor is having trouble with the bank because the account is labelled M. ET Mme xxxx.  That means that both signatories must sign any document and not one alone, so the survivor is having problems accessing money etc., until legal procedures take their course.  If the account had been M. OU Mme then it means only one signatory is needed, either of them, and of course the survivor has full access to the account and more flexibility. So, take a look at your cheque book today.  A ten minute meeting with your local branch to get things in order might save a lot of hassle and heartache at a later, more stressful time ...

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I found the blog on knowing who you are dealing with in a legal situation really useful.  I have recently had to chase up payment and the french terms came in really handy.  More of these please.

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Thought you might like to know that, from this year, if you are in an agricultural zoned area you wont get a change of use on farm buildings unless you are a farmer. My stone barn is adjacent to our house and we have not been granted a CU because of the new law, even though we had a previous CU which has gone out of date.  

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I by chance someone neds up with only the uk state pension, what social security support is available if one does not wish to sell one's house?

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Hi, we have just bought a property using an SCI and would be interested to know how others deal practically with any requirements for the annual tax return. What records do you need to keep and best way to do this.

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The old chestnut again. Does anyone know of a good English-speaking notaire or other service that can sort out inheritence issues?

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If a married couple have, through where they work, found that one lives in France and one lives in the UK, under which law can they get a divorce.  My wife uses the house in London and pays tax in the UK.  I am here in France but am retired.  

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Am off to the States soon.  The question is do I buy TCs at the airport in the UK or should I order them from a bank here.  Where will I get the best rate And how long before they can be collected?

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Is damage caused by storms and hail covered by insurance? 

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