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Hi, Please be aware that a very common fraud system asks peolpe to move money through their account from a security company on behalf of a security firm. Now not to say that all frauds, but likely the aim of such scemes are identity theft and/or cheque fraud. Just a quick note to suggest that anyone contacted by such scemes should be very wary and not send personal documents, bank details etc. There are a lot of web sites dedicated to warning people of these scemes, google it!

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I do appreciate that this has had in the past wide exposure and that the advice would be to take professional advice.........That I have done. But when we came here in 2001 we were taking nominal house values but now thinking of moving on and buying elsewhere in France. For me it is my second marriage for my wife her third and she has children from her previous marriage. Unfortunately it is the case that it would be much better for my wife if I were to 'leave' before her for if it is the other way around then 60% of the value of the property goes to the State. OK Gordon Brown in the UK takes a far bit as well from those in the UK but not a unilateral approach to hitting those with no children particularly hard. I have like most of us worked hard for over fourty years and I absolutely object to giving say 60% of a 300k property to anyone in Paris! The professional advice is that its Napoleon's fault and there are no ways around it. We have accepted that advice and it now looks as though we are selling up and going back home and its fortunate that we do have some investments there so at least housing wise can slip back into the system. I am the only one on this forum who has faced this problem........I do not think so? Thus does anyone have please a common sense approach to the difficulty we face. Very naturally we will not seek to rely upon any advice save for the purpose of our own domestic chat Looks as though the dream is ending. best wishesGallois lost in France

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I resigned my job in the UK and I am planning to move and live in South West France. I have heard that the French Government helps unemployed people. Do you think I can claim unemployment benefit in France ?

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Hello, I wil be applying for my CdS soon and am wondering if the prefecture will keep my passport while it is being processed. Anyone have any experience? Thanks for your help!

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Can anyone please recommend an English-speaking accountant who would be able to advise us on tax, our finances and health cover? We live near Beaumont/Monpazier/Belves but would obviously be willing to travel to the Bergerac area. Thanks!Jan Perkins

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Does anyone have any idea what this is for. We've been told that it's where you go to register for family allowance after a 2nd baby, and you have to visit for home visits after the birth etc. or is this sorted out at the hospital.

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I'm sure there is a fact sheet somewhere on what is a micro enterprise but I cannot find it. Can anybody help please. All I know is that you keep the earnings below 27K, but there must be a lot more too it. If anybody can point me in the right direction, in English please, I would be very grateful.Neville

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Hi there, Can anyone advise me where the nearest Social Security office in the Firbeix area please? Can anyone advise what the E106 actually covers and should we take out additional medical insurance? If so, can anyone recommend a reputable one? Thanks for your helpTom Vivian

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Hi Can anyone suggest a good family lawyer in dept 47 , preferably in Agen. Thanks m

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Hi, Does anyone know if you can still keep an English Bank account if you are living permanently in France. Maryse

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Can anyone recommend a tax advisory company preferably within the Dordogne please?M&R

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Can anybody tell me what the rates of child benefits are in france. I have 3 kids 16,11 and 7 all in full time education.Also someone has told me about RMI (income support) -does anyone have any idea of how much this is and how I can apply for it.

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We are living in France but paying tax on our UK investments and my teacher's pension to UK.(We use our daughter's address in UK as our permanent residence.) We would like to transfer to the French health system. However, will we then have to become fiscally within the French system?(I am nearly 59 and my husband is 63.)M&R

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Hello, Can anyone tell me if you can live permanently in France and work here and still make natiional insurance contributions towards the basic state pension in England ? I have just received a letter from HM Revenue about this but it is not very clear. Has anyone come accross this ? Many Thanks. Maryse

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sorry about this subject cropping up yet again .please don,t bite my head off! we are moving to france in 18 months both over 60 so e121 etc . i know all about mutuelle .top up etc .and have reserched this in other forums .and i am not going to SCROUNGE OFF THE STATE .as other forums put it!all i would like to know is,what are people paying in the same curcumstances as ourselves being in good health .in other words the lowest sensible cover .the thing that has got other forums in a tizzy is the fact that although with e121 over 60husband and wife cover ,you still have to make up what the state dousn,t pay .again i appologise for this and am waiting to be severely shot down .this topic in other forums has got people almost to a point of drawn swords at dawn !bien cordialament johnsi seulement j,avais plus d,argent

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I am moving to France shortly and would like to know if there is any card protection insurance available similar to Sentinel Card Protection in UK. JudyJudy

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I need an eye operation that, conversely, isn't offered in France anymore but is available in the UK (sometimes on the NHS) at NHS hospitals. I remember reading of British residents being able to pay to have operations in France because of UK waiting lists being long - does anyone know if it's possible to go to the UK (as a French resident) and pay to have an operation in an NHS hospital?

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We are new to France have been approached by a local farmer who wants to use some of our fields, although we have no immediate plans for them, we are not sure about it. We are hearing stories of farmers claiming rights of use once allowed to use peoples land. does anyone have any information regarding this issue.be good

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Our E106 runs out in January, which means we shall be out of the Engish-covered health system. How can we find out about CMU? Will we have to pay 100% of our health bills next year? We seem to have drawn a blank with our enquiries, so any suggestions will be gratefully received.Thanks m.h

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Hello, I have read on the internet that the 5.5% VAT charged by companies and individuals carrying out renovation works to a property over two years old, is only applicable if the works involve changes to less than 5/6 of the property, otherwise the rate of 19.6% VAT applies. Does anyone have any information regarding the matter? Thanks T

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