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I am confused as I have a full time job here, and I am getting conflicting advice about the amount of holidays I am entitled to each year (unfortunatley my boss is unaware and is trying to find out too)I have been told off several people that here in France the holiday year runs from May to May and that it is obligatory to recieve five weeks holidays plus bank holidays and if I started now that I would accrue 2.5 days holiday per month until may then be entitled to the five weeks per year. Anyone have any experience on this or know the correct answer. The accountants are closed till 3rd January.

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If trying to decode the french tax forms wasn't difficult enough, the ones they sent me have been filled in already .. and yes they are wrong! What now?

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Hi, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to be self employed in France and yet run a business from the UK, paying UK taxes etc? I have been told this is possible, but I have no idea how it works or who to contact to find out more. Can anyone help? Thanks T

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We were concerned that we had no Tax Habitation or TV licence to pay so we went to the treasury only to be informed that we were no longer eligable to pay. We thought that was because we had "not a high income" (we have been registered for Tax for 2 years) . We have been informed by a number of neighbours - all French that we will no longer have to pay Tax Habitation because my husband has just had his 65th birthday.Any comments please that it is to do with the age rather than the income.Also this might make one or two people delighted as we are!

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Hi I'm moving to france in the new year and hope to set up business there,Please could anyone give me some infomation on setting up a a LTD companySion Fitton

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I missed the proposed implentation date but I look forward to the day when I can go to a restaurant without the table on my right and left lighting up at the same time. Can France be dragging itself into the modern age?

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Hi Does anyone know if there is an equivalent service to the British trading standards department in France? I bought a digital camera from the discount store Gifi that didn't match the description on the box, took it straight back but the shop wouldn't refund the money because they said it was a special offer. I tried the departmental council and got nowhere. I can't believe that a state which involves itself with almost every aspect of life doesn't have someone to help with consumer problems. Does anyone know better?

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