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Does anyone have any info about the taxe de sejour?  I thought that you didn't have to pay this if you were a gite?  Do you have to register with the admin and your local mayor?    Thanks

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If I only have a pension income am I still able to obtain a loan against the value of my house?  Or would this be better as a re mortgage?  In either case what are the age limits?

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If I sell my house here, which is a second home, and reinvest all that money into another second home, again here in France, do I still pay the same amount of capital gains?  I wondered if a re-investment was treated differently - I know can be a different situation in the UK.

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Is it possible to remortgage a house here?

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As an auto entrepreneur my wife has received a form from our mutuelle, Répam Santé, regarding our ‘Attestation Fiscale Année 2014’. It refers to article 154 bis of the ‘Code General des Impots’ and under the heading ‘Maladie’ indicates an amount that she paid and that as a ‘profession libérale’ she must declare. Does anyone know where on the form this should be declared? Thank you

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hi all i have just recieved a tax bill which arrived 4 months late of course via the tenant in a furnished apartment that i let out this is marked cotisation foncier des enterprise and i have been told by my local tax office i have to pay it as i am a professional running a business, despite the fact that the income was declared in the non professional slot on the french tax return. it is based on the income from the furnished apartment, has a totally different numero fiscal to my normal one and is for a stupid amount given the income level from the apartment i know the advice will be to seek the help of an acountant but has anyone else out there recieved a similair tax demand and what did they find out about it

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My son was on my tax return for his contrat d'apprenticage.  Now that he has turned 19 I understand that he has to complete his own form.  Do I have to do anything to generate the form?  Nothing has arrived as yet.

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Hi, I wonder can anyone recommend a good English speaking accountant in France who is familiar with both the UK and French tax systems? I moved to France from the UK with my family in late 2012 (taking a career break from my legal job) and started my own business using a UK limited company (incorporated in Northern Ireland where I had practised law for 12 years) providing legal consultancy advice to UK businesses on commercial contracts.  My husband has permanent employment in France and it is our plan to live in France for the foreseeable future.   I have engaged a Northern Ireland accountant to deal with my company accounts and corporation tax in the UK.   However, I need some advice on how I pay money to myself personally from the company as I am not sure whether I pay this in the UK or in France.  I am resident now in France because I spend most of the year here and only go back to the UK for approximately 40 days per year.  My husband and I completed a tax return in France in or around May 2013 which declared all income we had both received in France and the UK in that tax year.   I started the business in February/March 2013 but this year I have only made a small amount of money because I am just starting and also because we have just had a baby!  In this company tax year (to 31 January 2014) the company will only have made approximately £10,000 in total but in the next few years I hope that this will increase as I am able to spend more time on work!   I have heard that I can take salary of up to £641 in the UK without having to pay income tax or national insurance and could register under the Auto Entrepreneur Scheme in France and take any remaining money as dividends in France.  Does this make sense?   I would be really grateful if anyone could recommend a good accountant to help me with this as I have struggled to get help on this!   Many thanks, Nuala     

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I'm looking for somebody to assist me with a few things. I want to pay somebody for help with the following; Filling in the business income tax form for 2013 CAF REGISTRATION PAJEMPLOI For our assistant maternelle CMU Registration for social security number and registering for carte vitale Filling in my social contribution forms for the maison d' artistes I have already registered my business as a graphic designer, and have my siret number etc. We basically need help filling in all of these forms and applying to the relevant organisations and registering online, understanding that what we are doing is the correct "route" . I have an understanding of the french system, but need to understand in more detail, and do not want to make an error at this stage, by choosing the wrong thing or ticking an incorrect box. It is for myself, my wife and 3 children, and is a fair amount of paperwork, and may need to telephone one of the above on our behalf. Looking for somebody with the experience of this before, and a good understanding of the french system. We can discuss price first, how long it woould take and go from there.   Thank you

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I have seen a listing of 22 avocats on here and was wondering if anyone could recommend a particular one from that listing from personal experience. I need assistance with reference to a swimming pool construction guarantee. Many thanks in advance Carl.

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This is nuts.  Has anyone ever experienced this and, if so, how did you stop it?  I raising an invoice in a different currency - it's not unusual in my business.  Sage has printed the information to file, the invoice is correct on the system and has been fully processed.  The vat is set to the correct rate and is showing correctly on invoice and ledger.   However the rate changes when it is printed which gives me a different total on the system to that shown on the invoice that the customer is sent.  Like I said, nuts!

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Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding obtaining a mortgage. I am permanently employed abroad and wondered if anyone else in a similar situation has recently successfully applied for a mortgage. If so, are you able to recommend any specific banks which would look favourably upon my circumstances. Through a recommended broker, I have already approached Credit Agricole, BNP and Caisse Epargne and do fulfil their requirements (they have agreed in principal) but they appear to be reluctant to make a decision. Does anyone know of a specialist broker or a bank which may be able to help. Any advice welcome.

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Hello, has anyone heard about or had dealings with a company called Continental Wealth Management ?

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I live in Spain and the pensioners here are making an effort to change the chancellor's mind about the Winter Fuel Allowance. I have friends in other European countries who will also be effected by this and I feel that if we all pull together, the government will realise that we pensioners are not apathetic and that we are a force to be reckoned with. The British Government is going to stop winter fuel payments to people who live in warmer climates. In order to get these changes through  they rely on the apathy of us pensioners. They expect us to accept it saying, "well what can I do?" I believe that we can do a great deal but only if we do it together. There is a petition on the Brithish Government website, you can search for the winter fuel allowance petition on,  http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/ if 100,000 people sign it, there is a good chance that it will be discussed again in parliament. Another thing we can do is to bombard the chancellor with questions via public.enquiries@hmtreasury.gov.uk which should make them realise that we will not be ignored. Let us Make a stand on this....... The usually meek and mild F. W.

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In order for British eurozone expats to receive a payment from the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to a eurozone bank account, all recipients must ensure that they notify the DWP of the bank account’s International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and the Bank Identification Code (BIC). The cut-off date for notifying the DWP is 31 January 2014. Failure to do so may mean payments will stop. You can read more about this at http://blogs.angloinfo.com/angloinfo-world-money/

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Thanks to HM Government changes I have to wait until I am 67 to receive my UK pension.  I have been paying tax here in France for 9 years (on my UK income).  Does this mean that I might be eligible to receive a pension in France before then? 

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What's the quickest and most efficient way to get this done please?

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Hi Have you recently registered a gite? I am on the verge of finishing a maisonette which I wish to rent out to holiday makers. I have read on FranchEntree that " when a gite is used frequently and the service provided generates more than 50% of the owners income, or it generates over 22,867.35 euros, then the gite must be registered with the Register of Commerce". I read that to mean that I don't need to register as I will not qualify for either of the criteria. However, I will be amazed if there isn't a dossier I need to complete before I can open for business. Can you help? Many thanks, Jools

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We have Bankl Accounts in France.....and we would like to open an accounts in England so that when we visit we have money there in Pounds Sterling....We have been told we must live there must have a statement from a Bank ACCount....yes you heard right!!.....and must have a permanent address there.....we are in our seventies and just want a small investme nt Account.   PLEASE can anyone give advise to us so that we can go and open an Account.... Has anyone else had this problem   Thanks   Shirley Black Buzet sur baise France

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When is the deadline for this year's returns to be filed by?

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